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The following sites have information, some with soundclips, of Hovhaness CDs and mail-order facilities
  • Delos championed Hovhaness's music in the 1990s with about half a dozen CD releases. The orchestral CDs feature conductor Gerard Schwarz, an advocate of Hovhaness since the 1960s.
  • Crystal Records has the largest catalog of Hovhaness recordings from the pre-digital era. Most of them originally appeared on Poseidon Society, Hovhaness' own record label. Thus they were either conducted or supervised by the composer himself, usually in London, England, which was considerably more cost effective than recording in America. Because of the London connection, several of these recordings also appeared in Europe through being licensed to Unicorn Records.
  • OgreOgress has released more first recordings of Hovhaness's music in the 21st century than any recording label. They have gone where the 'play safe' majors rarely do, adding to the recorded repertoire neglected but major Hovhaness works such as Janabar (violin, trumpet, piano & strings) and Shambala (violin, sitar and orchestra) - accomplishments that attest to OgreOgress's stated mission of "Important music, finally available".
  • Telarc released three very fine all-Hovhaness CDs, one with harp music and the others orchestral works (including fine recordings of Concerto No.7 for Orchestra, one of Hovhaness's best works, and the symphony Mysterious Mountain. A fourth CD has a different recordsing of Mysterious Mountain along with evocative works by other composers. Telarc was acquired by Concord Music Group in 2005.
  • Overview of Hovhaness on CD(from 2001) discussed by Hovhaness discographer Eric Kunze.
  • Alan Hovhaness Discography An authoritative Hovhaness discography, as compiled and published by 'Hovhanophile' Eric Kunze. It lists CDs, LPs, 78s and now digital audio files, and is usually updated annually. If you wish to publicize an obscure commercial (or private) release, you can notify the author.
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 Non Hovhaness-specific Modern Music Links
  • Otherminds Home Page Otherminds is a global New Music community where composers/students/listeners discover & learn about innovative music by composers from all over the world.
  • Walter-Simmons.com Musicologist and critic Walter Simmons' site contains a growing database of full-text CD reviews, program notes, and other writings. Learn about great neglected 20th- and 21st-century composers (including Hovhaness!). Hear selections of their work. Simmons' new book (on American neo-Romantics Barber, Bloch, Hanson, Giannini, Creston, Flagello) is now available from this site.
  • Grenadilla Music Recordings and books on 20th century music, including Alan Hovhaness.
  • Classical Discoveries is Marvin Rosen's "unique radio program of little-known repertoire with an emphasis on the old (Baroque and before) and the new" including Alan Hovhaness, whom Marvin knew personally.