Jan 2016—Jan 2018   OgreOgress to release fourth all-Hovhaness disc of premiere recordings


Back in the summer of 2014 we announced that enterprising independent label OgreOgress was working on a fourth disc of Hovhaness premieres. Having previously issued downloadable digital singles of individual works from this release (recently all withdrawn) OgreOgress is now projecting an early 2020 release date for the entire album in physical format. Like its predecessors, the disc will appear in high-quality 96kHz|24bit audio DVD format. 


Current Complete Track Listing

  • Sonata for cello and piano (Op. 255) [1932/72]
  • The Sea Angel for piano and narrator [1933]
  • Suite No. 1 for piano (Op. 9b) [1936]
  • Vahan (Divertimento) for 4 clarinets (Op. 61) [1947]
  • Haiku for the Full Moon for alto recorder and piano [1954]
  • Suite for cello and piano (Op. 193a)
  • Dance of Black-Haired Mountain Storm for flute and 3 percussion (Op. 183a) [1962]
  • Mysterious Horse Before the Gate for trombone and 5 percussion (Op. 205) [1963]
  • Sextet for violin and 5 percussion (Op. 108) [1966]
  • Fantasy No. IV for 2 trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba (Op. 70d) [1967]
  • Fantasy No. V for 2 trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba (Op. 70e) [1967]
  • Canzona and Fugue for 2 trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba (Op. 72) [1967]
  • Bare November Day for harpsichord (Op. 210) [1968]
  • Dark River and Distant Bell for harpsichord (Op. 212) [1968]
  • 7 Love Songs of Saris for violin and piano (Op. 252c) [1972]
  • Fantasy for cello and piano (Op. 277b) [1974]

Performers, in alphabetical order, are Susanna Borsch, recorder and narration; Suzanna Dennis Bratton, clarinet; Christina Fong, violin; Glenn Freeman, timpani and percussion; GR Brass; GVSU Percussion Ensemble; Paul Hersey, piano; Michael Kornacki, clarinet; Nicholas Palmer, harpsichord; Joel Schekman, bass clarinet; Nancy Steltmann, cello; John Varineau, clarinet; Robert Ward, trombone; Tianli Yuan, flute.


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