Gallery: Early Discs
First Hovhaness release: Disc 875 (1947)

The composer's first commercial release came in 1947 with the Disc label's 78rpm double 12-inch album of Hovhaness and John Cage piano works, featuring Hovhaness and Maro Ajemian as performers. Although Cage featured on this set, it was primarily a vehicle to promote Hovhaness, and George Avakian, Ajemian's brother-in-law, was instrumental in its recording and release.

Disc 1 featured the two-piano work Mihr: Ancient Armenian Fire God. Disc 2, side A featured Invocations to Vahakn, movements IV & V, whilst side B featured John Cage's Amores I and IV for prepared piano, played by Ajemian. On Invocations Hovhaness played Chinese gong and drum. The release contained a large fold-out poster with photographs and laudatory New York reviews of Hovhaness concerts.