January 2010    HOVHANESS: Solos | Duos | Trios
Premiere recordings of piano and chamber works

January 12, 2010 saw the release of the third all-Hovhaness disc from enterprising contemporary music label OgreOgress.

This release, entitled simply HOVHANESS: Solos, Duos, Trios continues the independent label's widely applauded mission of bringing new and much-neglected music to the recorded medium for the first time. In so doing, OgreOgress have served Alan Hovhaness enthusiasts extraordinarily well, filling in most of the gaps remaining in the recorded chamber works of this composer.

Thirteen works by Hovhaness appear here in their first recordings, including significant pieces such as the Poseidon and Bardo piano sonatas as well as some of the earliest Hovhaness works yet recorded, Piano Trio I (1935) and Sonata Ricercare for piano (1935). Overall, this disc spans seven decades of creativity from 1935 to the 1992, thus providing an illuminating microcosm of Hovhaness' stylistic eclecticism as applied to solo piano writing and chamber music miniatures. And with OgreOgress pressing just 500 units, this 55-track release is also something of a true 'limited edition'.

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TRACK LISTING (126 mins, 96kHz|24bit DVD audio)

  • 01-03. Trio I for piano, violin & cello Op. 3 (1935)
  • 04-06. Sonata Ricercare for piano Op. 12 (1935)
  • 07-09. Artinis 'Urardüan Sun God' for piano Op. 39 (1945)
  • 10-19. Suite for oboe & bassoon Op. 23 (1949)
  • 20-21. Poseidon Sonata for piano Op. 191 (1957)
  • 22-24. Bardo Sonata for piano Op. 192 (1959)
  • 25-27. Sonatina for piano Op. 120 (1962)
  • 28-30. Trio for strings Op. 201 (1962)
  • 31-33. Three Haikus for piano Op. 113 (1965)
  • 34. Night of a White Cat for clarinet & piano Op. 263 (1973)
  • 35-37. Sonata for 2 bassoons Op. 266 (1973)
  • 38-40. Sonata for 2 clarinets Op. 297 (1977)
  • 41-46. Sonata for oboe & bassoon Op. 302 (1977)
  • 47-55. Sonata for viola Op. 423 (1992)
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    Paul Hersey, piano;
    Christina Fong, violin|viola;
    Libor Soukal & Radek Dostál, bassoons; Jiří Šesták, oboe; Karen Krummel, cello; Michael Kornacki & John Varineau, clarinets; Christopher Martin, viola

    The video clip at right is taken from an OgreOgress recording session, featuring an excerpt from the 1935 Trio I (track 1 on this disc). Christina Fong, violin; Karen Krummel, cello; Paul Hersey, piano.

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