June 2008
OgreOgress to premiere more Hovhaness

Independent recording label OgreOgress is planning a release of several Hovhaness chamber works which are previously unrecorded.

Recording sessions with Paul Hersey, Christina Fong, Prague Winds, Karen Krummel, Christopher Martin, Michael Kornacki and John Varineau are proceeding and the limited edition all-Hovhaness 96kHz|24bit audio DVD is planned for release in 2009. The works to appear are:

  • Piano Trio, Op.3 (c.1935)
  • Sonata Ricercare for piano, Op.12 (1935)
  • Artinis (Urarduan: Sun God) for piano, Op.39 (1945)
  • Suite for oboe and bassoon, Op.23 (1949)
  • Poseidon Sonata for piano, Op.191 (1957)
  • Bardo Sonata for piano, Op.192 (1959)
  • String Trio, Op.201 (c.1962)
  • Sonatina for piano, Op.120 (1962)
  • Three Haikus for piano, Op.113 (1965)
  • Night of a White Cat (clarinet and piano), Op.263 (1973)
  • Sonata for two bassoons, Op.266 (1973)
  • Sonata for two clarinets, Op.297 (1977)
  • Sonata for oboe and bassoon, Op.302 (1977)
  • Sonata for viola, Op.423 (c.1992)
  • Earlier in 2008, OgreOgress released a disc featuring the first recordings of Hovhaness' Shambala (featuring sitar), Janabar, and the first digital recording of the composer's viola concerto Talin. This was the twelfth disc in OgreOgress's series featuring previously unreleased works by well-known composers - a unique and bold initiative amongst independent labels.

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