October 2011  Delos 'American Mystic' CD commemorates 2011 Centennial

Celebrated recordings reissued for Hovhaness tribute disc

Whilst 2011 has witnessed an encouraging number of Hovhaness centennial concerts and recitals, this is the first commemoration on CD, albeit one comprising entirely re-issued recordings. The title 'American Mystic' acknowledges Hovhaness's eclectic inquiries into philosophy, spirituality and Eastern musical idioms, all of which informed a fearless and fruitful musical trajectory away from America's Euro-centric classical tradition.

American Mystic — Alan Hovhaness Centennial Collection
Seattle Symphony Orchestra, Gerard Schwarz conductor
Charles Butler, trumpet / Michael York, narrator / Diane Schmidt, accordion
Ohio State University Concert Band, Keith Brion conductor / Shanghai Quartet
DE 3421 | 76 mins | DDD

1.        Prayer of St. Gregory [4:53]

2.        Rubaiyat [13:53]

3-6.     Four Bagatelles [8:50]

7-9.     Symphony No.2
           (Mysterious Mountain)

10-11. String Quartet No.2 [3:09]

12-19. The Flowering Peach [15:20]

20.      And God Created Great Whales



This tribute disc brings together a selection of Hovhaness recordings from the 1990s made by Delos, the label set up by Amelia Heygood to create a platform for great American composers and musicians. Notable inclusions are the Seattle Symphony's fine recording of Mysterious Mountain, Keith Brion's shimmering account of The Flowering Peach and the Shanghai Quartet's Bagatelles for String Quartet. The more light-weight Rubaiyat of Omar Khayam features actor Michael York as narrator, and the ever-popular Prayer of St. Gregory has trumpet soloist Charles Butler, former principal of the Seattle Symphony.

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