Alan Hovhaness List of Works

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1Oror(Lullaby)violin & piano1922? rev 19263CF Peters Hovhaness Oror
1 #2Suite for violin & piano  1927 unpublished  
1 #3Suite movt. 1: piano & cello,
movts. 2-4: piano
1934 Fujihara1. Crotchéd Hill, 2. Fog on Mt Doublehead, 3. Fear Though Not, 4. Legend of the Sunkook ValleyHovhaness score inquiry
2 #1MonadnockFantasy for orch.2222 4331 timp strings19365CF Peters Hovhaness Monadnock
2 #2Storm on Mt. WildcatFantasy for orch.2222 4331 timp perc strings1931 rev. 364FujiharaOriginally titled 'Boreas and Mt. Wildcat'  
2 #2Boreas and Mt. Wildcat      see 'Storm on Mt. Wildcat' 
3Trio ITrio in e minorviolin, cello & piano1935?9CF Peters  Hovhaness Trio I
4Missa Brevis bass, SATB choir, strings & organ193613CF Peters Also available for SATB choir Hovhaness Missa Brevis
5Three Odes of Solomon medium voice & piano19378CF Peterstext biblical; 1. No way is hard. 4m / 2. As the work of the husbandman. 3m / 3. As the wings of doves 2m. Originally listed as Op.30 Hovhaness Three Odes of Solomon
6 #1Toccata and Fugue piano1935/695CF PetersToccata (1969); Fugue (1935) Hovhaness Toccata and Fugue
6 #2Toccata and Fugue on a Kabardin Tune piano1951 Manuscript  
7How I adore Thee medium voice & piano19363CF Peterst. Bliss Carman, lyric Sappho Hovhaness How I adore Thee
8String Quartet No.1 2 violins, viola & cello193613Fujihara  
9Piano Quintet No.1 2 violins, viola, cello & piano1926 rev 196210CF Peters  Hovhaness Quintet No.1
10Three Preludes and Fugues piano193510CF PetersOriginally published as Opus 5 Hovhaness Preludes and Fugues
11Sonata for violin & piano violin & piano193710Manuscript  
12Sonata Ricercare piano19358CF Peters1. Passacaglia in canon / 2. Mirror Fugue / 3. Fugue Hovhaness Sonata Ricercare
13Prelude and Fugue in A minor oboe (or flute) & bassoon1935 rev 19593CF Peters  Hovhaness Prelude and Fugue
14TaporProcessional for BandPicc in C, 8 fl, 2 ob, Eb cl, 6 Bb. cl I, 6 Bb cl II, 2 Eb alto cl, 2 Bb bass cl, Eb alto sax, Bb tenor sax, Eb barit sax, 2 bsn, 2 Bb cornets I, 4 B fl19485CF Peters   Hovhaness Tapor
15Suite for band Picc in C, 8 fl, 2 ob, Eb cl, 6 Bb cl I, 6 Bb cl II, 6 Bb cl III, 6 Bb cl IV, 2 Eb alt cl, 2 Bb bs cl, Eb alto sax, Bb ten sax, Eb barit sax194810CF Peters   Hovhaness Suite for band
16Fantasy for piano piano195219CF Peters  Hovhaness Fantasy for piano
17 #1Cello Concerto 2222 4330 timp hp strings193730 1937 publication as Op.27 Hovhaness Cello Concerto
17 #2Symphony No. 1Exile Symphonyorchestra [2222 4331 timp hp strings]193720CF Peters1st version: published 1937 as Op.17. Movt titles: Lament, Conflict, Triumph. 3rd version: contains middle movt from 1970, and all earlier movt titles removed Hovhaness Exile Symphony
17 #2Exile Symphony  1937  see Symphony No. 1 
18Variations and Fugue  orchestra [3322 4331 timp perc hp glock strings]196313CF Peters  Hovhaness Variations and Fugue
19Angelic Song for soprano (or tenor), horn & strings194712CF PetersCantata (t. anon.) Hovhaness Angelic Song
20 #1Nocturne harp1937 rev 19615CF Peters  Hovhaness Nocturne
20 #2Nocturne flute & harp1956 Manuscript  
21Suite in d minor English horn & bassoon19338CF Peters  Hovhaness Suite for English horn and bassoon
22Mystic Flute piano1941 rev. c.19622CF PetersOriginal 1941 version published by Whitney Blake Hovhaness Mystic Flute
23Suite oboe & bassoon194915CF Peters  Hovhaness Suite for oboe and bassoon
24 #1Yar Nazani voice and piano19384CF Peters(t. Hamasdegh, in Armenian) Hovhaness Yar Nazani
24 #2Vaspooragan voice and piano1938    
25Lament clarinet19353CF Peters  Hovhaness Lament
26Behold, God is my help  chorus (SATB) & organ/piano 5CF Peters  Hovhaness Behold God is my help
27O Lord God of hosts SATB choir, organ (piano), 2 trumpets & 2 trombones ad lib 5CF Peters t. Psalm 89:8,9,11,52) Hovhaness O Lord God of hosts
28O Lord rebuke me not SATB choir & organ (piano) 5CF Peterst. Psalm 6:1-4 Hovhaness O Lord rebuke me not
29Layla medium voice & piano19354CF Peterst. Persian poet Jami (1400), from epic poem Salaman and Absal Hovhaness Layla
30Bagatelles4 Bagatelles for string quartetstring quartet19669CF Peters  Hovhaness Bagatelles for string quartet
31Two Shakespeare Sonnets voice and piano19397CFE 
32 #1Starlight of Noon voice and piano19472CF Peterst. composer Hovhaness Starlight of Noon
32 #2O World bass voice (or tenor or baritone or trombone) and piano 19604CF Peters t. Percy Bysshe Shelley Hovhaness O World
33Love Songs of Hafiz medium voice & piano1936-6715 t. composer: 1. Hafiz, like Lord Krishna, darting; 2. Hafiz is a merry old thief; 3. Beloved, you looked into space, saying; 4. Hafiz wanders, weeping amid tombs; 5. Day of Hafiz' vision, her face in rainbow clouds; 6. O love, hear my cry beyond death. (Comprises different songs to 1938 version) Hovhaness Love Songs of Hafiz
34Watchman, Tell Us of the Night(Christmas Song)soprano and organ (piano)1927 rev 19625CF Peterst. John Bowring 1825 hymn Hovhaness Watchman, Tell Us of the Night
34aWatchman, Tell Us of the Night(Christmas Song)bass voice, SATB chorus, organ (piano)1927 rev 19625CF Peters t. John Bowring 1825 hymn
Hovhaness Watchman, Tell Us of the Night
34aWatchman, tell us of the night(Christmas Song)bass voice, SATB chorus, oboe, clarinet & strings1927 rev 19625CF Peterst. John Bowring 1825 hymn Hovhaness Watchman, Tell Us of the Night
35The Lord's Prayer chorus (SATB) & organ (or piano)19623CF Peters  Hovhaness The Lord's Prayer
36Two Ghazals piano19384Whitney BlakeComprises Ghazal Op.36a and Ghazal - Sufi Op.36b. Op.36a reworked as 1st movt. Andante of Blue Job Mountain piano sonata Op.340 Hovhaness score inquiry
36 / bisTwo Ghazals piano19634CF PetersTwo completely different Ghazals to the above 1938 works Hovhaness Two Ghazals
36Ghazal No.1 piano19632CF Peterssee Two Ghazals Op.36 / bis Hovhaness Two Ghazals
37Vijag 2 pianos19464CF Peters  Hovhaness Vijag
38Mazert Nman RehanThy Hair is Like Basil Leafpiano19445CF Peters  Hovhaness Mazert Nman Rehan
39ArtinisArtinis (Urarduan: Sun God)piano19455CF Peters  Hovhaness Artinis
40aPsalm and Fugue strings19406CF Peters  Hovhaness Psalm and Fugue
40bAlleluia and Fugue strings194010Rongwen (Broude Bros.)  Hovhaness Alleluia and Fugue
41Protest and Prayer tenor, chorus (TTBB) & organ (or piano)196710CF Peterst. composer Hovhaness Protest and Prayer
42I will Rejoice in the Lord chorus (SATB) & organ (or piano) 7CF Peterst. Habakkuk 3:18,19 Hovhaness I will rejoice in the Lord
4312 Armenian Folk Songs piano19439CF Peters  Hovhaness 12 Armenian Folk Songs
44Celestial Fantasy strings1935 / 447Rongwen (Broude Bros.)1935, orchestrated 1944. Originally titled Nerses Shnorhali Hovhaness Celestial Fantasy
45Armenian Rhapsody No.1 percussion & strings19445Peer  Hovhaness Armenian Rhapsody No.1
46Let Us Love One Another chorus (SATB), tenor (or baritone) ad lib. & organ/piano1941-625CF Peterst. John 4:7,8,12 Hovhaness Let Us Love One Another
47aVarak violin & piano19445CF Peters  Hovhaness Varak
47bArshalouisArshalouis (Dawn)violin & piano1939-43 CFE Hovhaness score inquiry
48LousadzakComing of Light / Dawn of Lightpiano and strings194418Peer  Hovhaness Lousadzak
49Khrimian Hairig trumpet and strings19449CF Peters  Hovhaness Khrimian Hairig
50ElibrisGod of Dawn of Urardu / Concerto for flute & stringsflute and strings194410Peer  Hovhaness Elibris
51Armenian Rhapsody No.2 strings19445Rongwen (Broude Bros.)  Hovhaness Armenian Rhapsody 2
52 #1Lousnag KisherMoonlight Nightpiano19433TP  Hovhaness Lousnag Kisher
52 #2Lullaby piano19511MarksPubl. in American Composers of Today (Marks Music Corp.)
53 #1Jesus, Lover of my Soul voice, chorus (SATB) & organ (or piano)1922-353CF Peterst. Charles Wesley, 1740 Hovhaness Jesus, Lover of my Soul
53 #2TzaikerkEvening Songflute, violin, drums & strings194510Peer  Hovhaness Tzaikerk
54 #1Invocations to Vahakn piano & percussion194512Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
54 #2HakhpatHakhpat (sonata)piano & percussion1946-5120Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
55 #1Vanadour piano19452CF Petersfrom 2 pieces for Piano Op.55 Hovhaness Vanadour
55 #2Farewell to the Mountains piano19462CF Petersfrom 2 pieces for Piano Op.55 Hovhaness Farewell to the Mountains
56 #1Chahagir viola19442Rongwen (Broude Bros.)  Hovhaness Chahagir
56 #2YerazYeraz (The Dream)violin 4Mills  
56 #3Hercules soprano and violin19595CF Peterst. composer Hovhaness Hercules
57 #1AnahidAnahid (Fantasy)flute, English horn, trumpet, timpani, percussion & strings1944-4514CF Peters  Hovhaness Anahid
57 #2Vosdan flute, trumpet, timpani & strings1945 rev.487Manuscript  
58Sharagan and FugueSharagan and Fugue for brass choir 2 Bb trumpets, horn in F, baritone, tuba19476Robert King  Hovhaness Sharagan and Fugue
59Is there Survival?King Vahaken (ballet suite)0040,a sax 0400 timp percuss(3)194915CF Peters  Hovhaness Is there Survival?
60Mihr 2 pianos19458TP  Hovhaness Mihr
61Divertimento oboe, clarinet, bassoon & horn (or 4 clarinets)194712CF Peters1. Prelude / 2. Fantasy / 3. Canzona / 4. Canzona / 5. Canon (in 4 keys) / 6. Aria / 7. Finale (Fugue) Hovhaness Divertimento
62EtchmiadzinOperaSoli: 4 sopranos, 3 baritones. Chorus of nuns: SA. Chorus of angels: SA. Chorus of people: SABar. Orch: flute, English horn, trumpet, 2 Chinese drums, 4 Burmese gongs, sistrum of many tiny bells, strings1946120Manuscript 
62bPrayer of Saint Gregory  trumpet and strings19464PeerInterlude from the opera Etchmiadzin. Also versions for trumpet with band, piano, or organ Hovhaness Prayer of Saint Gregory
62bPrayer of Saint Gregory organ19464PeerVersion for organ solo by Victor Searle Hovhaness Prayer of Saint Gregory
63Greek Rhapsody No.1 piano194410Manuscript  
64Achtamar piano19474Peer  Hovhaness Achtamar
65Avak the Healer soprano, trumpet & strings1945-4618PeerCantata Hovhaness Avak the Healer
66 #1Kohar flute, English horn, timpani & strings19465CF Peters  Hovhaness Kohar
66 #2Agori flute, English horn, bassoon, trumpet, timpani & strings194610FujiharaConcerto based on material from Op.62 
67Saris violin & piano19468CF Peters  Hovhaness Saris
68Sing aloud chorus (SATB)19511CF Petersmotet (t. Psalm 81:1) Hovhaness Sing aloud
69SanahinSanahin (partita)organ1951-6612CF Peters  Hovhaness Sanahin
70Five Fantasies for brass choir 1-3. hn, tpt & trombone. 4-5. hn, 2 tpts & trombone (or tuba)196715CF Peters  Hovhaness Five Fantasies
71HaroutiunResurrectiontrumpet & strings194810CF Peters  Hovhaness Five Fantasies
71aHaroutiunResurrectiontrumpet & piano194810CF Peters  Hovhaness Five Fantasies
72Canzona and Fugue horn, 2 trumpets & trombone (or tuba) 19675CF Peters  Hovhaness Canzona and Fugue
73 #1Khirgiz Suite violin & piano19516CF Peters  Hovhaness Khirgiz Suite
73 #2Shatakh violin & piano19476Peer  Hovhaness Shatakh
74 #1Pagan Saint voice, piano19472CF Peters(t. Consuelo Cloos) Hovhaness Pagan Saint
74 #4Lullaby of the Lake voice, piano19472CF Peters(t. Consuelo Cloos) Hovhaness Lullaby of the Lake
74 #5I Heard Thee Singing voice, piano19472CF Peters(t. Consuelo Cloos) Hovhaness I Heard Thee Singing
74 #8Raven River low voice, piano & gong19472CF Peters(t. Consuelo Cloos) Hovhaness Raven River
75Sosi - Forest of Prophetic Sounds violin, piano, horn, timpani, giant tam-tam & strings194810Peer  Hovhaness Sosi Forest of Prophetic Sounds
76Thirtieth Ode of Solomon baritone, chorus (SATB), trumpet, trombone & strings194830CF Peterscantata (t. Biblical) Includes: 1. Overture for trombone & strings. 5m; 5. Processional and Fugue for trumpet/ clarinet & strings. 5m Hovhaness Thirtieth Ode of Solomon
77Zartik ParkimConcerto for piano and chamber orchestrapiano, 1010 2100 timp perc strings194815Peer  Hovhaness Zartik Parkim
78ArtikConcerto for horn & stringshorn & strings194815CF Peters  Hovhaness Artik
78aArtik horn & piano194815CF Peters  Hovhaness Artik
79Six Dances horn, 2 trumpets, trombone & tuba19677CF Peters  Hovhaness Six Dances
80I have seen the Lord for soprano, chorus (SATB), trumpet & organ (or piano)19626CF Peters(t. St. John 20:11-16,18) Hovhaness I have seen the Lord
81JanabarJourney; 5 hymns of serenity for trumpet, piano, violin solo & stringsviolin, trumpet, piano & strings194935PeerIn memory of Mr & Mrs Ajemian Hovhaness Janabar
82Transfiguration tenor & chorus (SATB)195616CF Peterscantata (t. Mark 9:2-9) [Incl: 13-16. And as they came down from the mountain (t. Mark 9:9). 5m] Hovhaness Transfiguration
83Hymn to Yerevan Picc in C, 7 fl, 2 ob, 2 Eb cl, 6 Bb cl, 2 Eb alto cl, 2 Bb bass cl, 2 bsn, Eb alto sax, Bb tenor sax, Eb barit sax, 4 Bb cornets I, 4 Bb cornets II, 4 hn 10CF Petersfor full band Hovhaness Hymn to Yerevan
84 #1Black Pool of Cat voice & piano19504CF Peterst. Jean Harper Hovhaness Black Pool of Cat
84 #2Innisfallen voice & piano19501CF Peterst. Jean Harper Hovhaness Innisfallen
85Fantasy on an Ossetin Tune piano19514Peer  Hovhaness Fantasy on an Ossetin Tune
86Make Haste chorus (SATB)19512CF Petersmotet (t. Psalm 70:1) Hovhaness Make haste
87 #1Why Hast Thou Cast Us Off?Motetchorus (SATB)1951 AMP8 pages Hovhaness Why hast Thou cast us off?
87 #2Unto Thee O GodMotetchorus (SATB)1951 AMP4 pages Hovhaness Unto Thee O God
87 #3Keep Not Thou SilenceMotetchorus (SATB)1951 AMP8 pages Hovhaness Keep not Thou silence
87 #4Praise Ye the LordMotetchorus (SATB)1951 AMP8 pages Hovhaness Praise Ye the Lord
88Concerto No. 1Arevakalorchestra: 2222 2200 timp perc hp strings195125AMP  Hovhaness Concerto No.1 Arevakal
88Arevakal     see Concerto No.1 Op.88 
89aConcerto No. 2 violin & strings1951-5720CF Peters  Hovhaness Concerto No. 2 violin strings
90 #1Upon Enchanted Ground flute, cello, harp & tamtam19514CF Peters  Hovhaness Upon Enchanted Ground
91KhaldisConcerto for 4 trumpets, piano & percussion4 trumpets (or any multiple thereof), piano & percussion195118Robert King  Hovhaness Khaldis
92Orbit No.1 flute, harp, celesta & tamtam19524ManuscriptUnpublished
93 #1TalinConcerto for Viola and Stringsviola & strings1951-5216AMP  Hovhaness Talin
93 #2I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes chorus (SATB), boys' chorus, bass ad lib., organ & harp (or piano) ad lib196715CF Peterscantata (t. Psalm 121) 1. My help cometh from the Lord (t. Psalm 121:2-6). 2. The Lord shall preserve thee from all evil (t. Psalm 121:7-8) Hovhaness I will lift up mine eyes
94Concerto No. 3Diran (the Religious Singer)baritone horn (or trombone) & strings194810Robert King  Hovhaness Concerto No. 3 Diran
95Three Songs voice & piano19505CF Peterst. Jean Harper: 1. Describe Me; 2. Green Stones; 3. Fans of Blue Hovhaness Three Songs
96Suite for piano piano1954/19677CF Peters  Hovhaness Suite for Piano
97Quartet No.1 flute, oboe, cello & harpsichord (or piano)1936/19528Mount Tahoma Hovhaness score inquiry
98 #1Partita piano and strings 12ManuscriptunpublishedHovhaness score inquiry
98 #2Concerto No. 4Tel El Armarna322(eh)2 4231 timp hp strings195212CF Peters  Hovhaness Concerto No. 4
98 #3Concerto No. 5 piano and strings 13Manuscript3-movement versionHovhaness score inquiry
98 #3Concerto No. 5 piano and strings c.15Manuscriptoriginal 5-movement version 
99Suite for violin, piano and percussion violin, piano, percussion 195015CF Peters1 player: celesta, tam-tam, xylophone Hovhaness I will lift up mine eyes
100Triptych voices and instruments1952-55    Hovhaness I will lift up mine eyes
100 #1Ave Maria boys' (or women's SSAA) voices, 2 oboes (or trumpets or clarinets), 2 horns (or trombones) & harp (or piano)19553AMP  Hovhaness Ave Maria
100 #2Christmas OdeChristmas Ode (As on the Night)soprano, celesta & strings19525AMP  Hovhaness Chrismas Ode (As on the Night)
100 #3The Beatitudes chorus (SATB), 2 oboes, 2 horns, harp, celesta & strings19557AMP  Hovhaness The Beatitudes
100 #4Easter Cantata soprano, chorus (SATB), 2 oboes, 2 horns, 3 trumpets, tamtam, harp, celesta & strings195316AMP  Hovhaness Easter Cantata
101Hanna 2 clarinets & 2 pianos195110CFEUnpublished 
102Orbit No.2 piano (or alto recorder & piano)19525Peer  Hovhaness Orbit No. 2
103Jhala piano19515Peer  Hovhaness Jhala
104Allegro on a Pakistan Lute Tune  piano19524 Publ. in New Music for the Piano (Lawson-Gould, Inc.) 
105Make a Joyful Noise baritone (or tenor), chorus (SATB), 2 trumpets, 2 trombones & organ (or piano)196620CF PetersCantata (text: Psalms 54-56) 1. Make a joyful noise. 2m; 2. Save me, O God. 4m; 3. Give ear to my prayer. 9m; 4. Make His praise glorious. 5m Hovhaness Make a Joyful Noise
105 #2Save me, O Godfrom Make a Joyful Noisebaritone (or tenor), chorus (SATB), 2 trumpets, 2 trombones & organ (or piano)19664CF PetersCantata (t. from Psalms 54-56 Hovhaness Save me O God
105 #3Give ear to my prayerfrom Make a Joyful Noisebaritone (or tenor), chorus (SATB), 2 trumpets, 2 trombones & organ (or piano)19669CF PetersCantata (t. from Psalms 54-56 Hovhaness Give ear to my prayer
105 #4Make His praise gloriousfrom Make a Joyful Noisebaritone (or tenor), chorus (SATB), 2 trumpets, 2 trombones & organ (or piano)19665CF PetersCantata (t. from Psalms 54-56 Hovhaness Make His praise glorious
106Gamelan and Jhala carillon19512CF Peters  Hovhaness Gamelan and Jhala
107Island SunriseSunrise33(eh)3(b cl)3(c bsn) 4331 timp perc(6) p(2) celesta strings19645CF Peters  Hovhaness Island Sunrise
108SextetSextet for violin & 5 percussionviolin & 5 percussion196615CF Peters  Hovhaness Sextet violin & percussion
109Piano Quintet No.2Quintet 2 for 2 violins, viola, cello & piano2 violins, viola, cello & piano196415ManuscriptUnpublished 
110Two Sonatas2 Sonatas for Kotokoto (or harp) 19625Manuscript  Hovhaness Koto Sonatas
111 #1Pastoral No.1 piano19525Manuscript  Hovhaness Pastoral No.1
111 #2Hymn to a Celestial Musician piano19513Peer  Hovhaness Hymn to a Celestial Musician
112Quartet No.2 flute, oboe, cello & piano195014Mount Tahoma  
113HaikusThree Haikuspiano19653CF Peters  Hovhaness Haikus for piano
114Concerto No. 6Harmonica Concertoharmonica (or flute or oboe) & strings195310CF Peters  Hovhaness Concerto No.6 Harmonica
114aConcerto No. 6Harmonica Concertoharmonica & piano195310CF Peters  Hovhaness Harmonica Concerto
114Harmonica Concerto     see Concerto No.6 
115Canticle soprano, oboe, xylophone, harp, celesta & strings195310CF Peterst. composer Hovhaness Canticle
116Concerto No. 7Concerto No.7 for orchestra2222 4231 timp, perc, hp, celesta, strings195325AMP1. Allegretto; 2. Allegro (Jhala-Scherzo); 3. Double Fugue - 'Hymn to Louisville' Hovhaness Concerto No. 7
117Concerto No. 8Concerto No.8 for orchestra2222 2210 timp perc hp strings195720CF PetersIncludes material from discarded "Symphony No.2, Op.62" Hovhaness Concerto No.8
118Sonata No.1 for flute flute19649CF Peters  Hovhaness Concerto No. 8
119Mountain Idylls Mountain Idylls (3 easy pieces)piano1931/49/555AMP1. Moon Lullaby (1955); 2. Moon Dance (1949); 3. Mountain Lullaby (1931) Hovhaness Mountain Idylls
120SonatinaSonatina for pianopiano19626CF Peters  Hovhaness Sonatina
121Sonata for Ryuteki & Sho ryuteki (or flute) and sho (or organ) 8CF Peters  Hovhaness Sonata for Ryuteki & Sho
122DuetDuet for violin & harpsichordviolin & harpsichord19573CF Peters1. Prelude; 2. Haiku; 3. Aria Hovhaness Duet violin & harpsichord
123Vision from High Rock orchestra [2222 2200 timp perc hp celesta strings]195410CF Peters  Hovhaness Vision from High Rock
123 #3Concerto No.10(different work to Op.413)orchestra [2222 4230 timp perc piano(2) strings]195420FujiharaReclassified as Symphony No.45Hovhaness score inquiry
124Glory to God soprano, alto, chorus (SATB) & orchestra [0000, a sax 4400 timp perc(2) org(or piano)] 195414CF Peterst. Luke 2:8-11,13-14 Hovhaness Glory to God
125The Flowering Peach clarinet, saxophone, timpani, tamtam, vibraphone, glockenspiel, harp & celesta195419AMPIncidental music to Clifford Odets play Hovhaness The Flowering Peach
126The Stars soprano, chorus (SATB), English horn, harp, celesta & strings19556CF Peterst. Henry David Thoreau, from Walden Hovhaness The Stars
127Sonata for HarpHarp Sonataharp195410CF Peters  Hovhaness Harp Sonata
128Prelude and Quadruple Fugue 2222 4230 timp str1936 rev 19547CF Peters  Hovhaness Prelude and Quadruple Fugue
129Tower MusicTower Music (suite)9 winds [1111 2111]195510Rongwen (Broude Bros.)  Hovhaness Tower Music
130Sonata for 2 oboes & organ 2 oboes & organ1963-6410CF Peters  Hovhaness Sonata for 2 oboes & organ
131The Brightness of Our Noon  chorus (SATB)19543JensonMadrigal. Out of print 
132Symphony No. 2Mysterious Mountainorchestra [3333 5331 timp hp celesta strings]195517AMP  Hovhaness Mysterious Mountain
132Mysterious Mountain     see Symphony No.2 
133 #1The World Beneath the Sea No.1 alto saxophone, harp, vibraphone, timpani, gong195410CF Peters  Hovhaness The World Beneath the Sea No.1
133 #2The World Beneath the Sea No.2 clarinet, timpani, bells (chimes or glockenspiel), harp, double bass196315CF Peters  Hovhaness The World Beneath the Sea No.2
134Immortality soprano, SATB choir, organ (or piano) 3CF Peterst. old hymn Hovhaness Immortality
135October Mountain percussion sextet (timpani, 2 drums, tamtam, marimba I & glockenspiel (or marimba II))1942 rev 5311CF Peterssuite Hovhaness October Mountain
136Ko-ola-u 2 pianos, 4 hands19623CF Peters  Hovhaness Ko-ola-u
137O God our help in ages past SATB choir, organ (piano)1928 rev 63?3CF Peterst. Isaak Watts, 1719, after Psalm 90 Hovhaness O God our help in ages past
138Dawn Hymn organ19534CF Peters  Hovhaness Dawn Hymn
139 #1O Lady Moon soprano, clarinet & piano19533Edward B. Markst. by Lafcadio HearnHovhaness Dawn Hymn
139 #2O Lady Moon women's chorus (SSA), clarinet & piano19533Edward B. Markst. by Lafcadio Hearn Hovhaness O Lady Moon
140The God of Glory Thundereth tenor (or soprano), SATB chorus, organ (or piano)1935 rev 604CF Peterst. from Psalms 27, 117 Hovhaness he God of Glory Thundereth
141Anabasis speaker, soprano, bass, chorus (SATB) & orchestra [orch: 12(eh)10 2100 timp perc hp strings] 195545CF Peterst. St. John Perse, Engl. transl. T.S. Eliot Hovhaness Anabasis
142 #1Out of the Depths  voice & organ (or piano)1938 rev 592CF Peterst. Psalm 130 Hovhaness Out of the Depths
142 #2Out of the Depths soprano, SATB choir, organ1938 rev 592CF Peters  Hovhaness Out of the Depths
143Ad Lyram soprano, alto, tenor, bass, double chorus (SSAATTBB) & orchestra [33(eh)3(b c1)3(c bsn) 5331 timp perc hp strings]195610CF Peterst. Quintus Horatius Flaccus Hovhaness Ad Lyram
144Macedonian Mountain Dance piano19373CF Peters  Hovhaness Macedonian Mountain Dance
144bMacedonian Mountain Dance orchestra [2222 4331 timp perc strings]1964?5CF Peters  Hovhaness Macedonian Mountain Dance
144bMountain Dance No.2 piano1937 rev 622CF Peters  Hovhaness Mountain Dance No. 2
145Sonata for piano piano19569CF Peters  Hovhaness Piano Sonata
146To the God Who is in the Fire tenor, chorus (TTBB) & 6 percussion1955 rev 666CF Peterst. Sh'vet Upanishad 2:17 Hovhaness To the God Who is in the Fire
147String Quartet No.2 2 violins, viola & cello195012Fujihara  Hovhaness score inquiry
148Symphony No. 3 orchestra [3333 5331 timp perc hp strings]195625CF Peters  Hovhaness Symphony No.3
149Hear my prayer, O Lord chorus (SSATBB) with optional organ (or piano)1936-593CF Peterst. Psalm 143:1,5.
1936 version was Op.16
and listed a cappella only
Hovhaness ear my prayer O Lord
1507 Greek Folk Dances harmonica & strings (or piano)19567CF Peters1. The Selybrian Syrtos; 2. Sweet-Basil Green; 3. Karagouna; 4. Tsaconian Dance; 5. Pastoral; 6. Sousta; 7. Hassapiko Hovhaness 7 Greek Folk Dances
150 #2Three Greek Folk Dances [3222 4331 timp 3 perc hp strings]19564CF PetersArrangements of three movements from Op.150 Hovhaness Three Greek Folk Dances
151O Goddess of the Sea low voice & piano19574CF Peterst. composer Hovhaness O Goddess of the Sea
152Do you remember the last silence? piano19575CF Peters  Hovhaness Do you remember the last silence
153Dawn at Laona low voice & piano196713CF Peterscantata (t. composer) 1. Prelude; 2. Vision of Dark Places; 3. The Hosts Flew White; 4. Motionless Breath Hovhaness Dawn at Laona
154Persephone low voice & piano19575CF Peterst. composer Hovhaness Persephone
155Meditation on Orpheus 3333 4331 timp perc hp celesta strings1957-5814CF PetersEnding revised c.1970 Hovhaness Meditation on Orpheus
156The Moon Has a Face Medium voice & piano19322CF Peterst. Robert Louis StevensonHovhaness The Moon has a Face
157Magnificat SATB soli, SATB choir, orchestra [0200 2210 perc hp strings]195828CF Peterst. Engl. adaptation Hugh Ross Hovhaness Magnificat
157Magnificat SATB soli, SATB choir, with piano (or organ) accompaniment195828CF Peterst. Engl. adaptation Hugh Ross Hovhaness Magnificat
157 #4Blessed Throughout All Generations (Magnificat) SATB choir, organ (piano)195828CF PetersNos.4 & 5 from Magnificat Hovhaness Blessed Throughout All Generations
157 #12Gloria (from Magnificat) SATB choir, organ (piano)195828CF PetersNo.12 from Magnificat Hovhaness Gloria
158Look Toward the Sea baritone, chorus (SATB), trombone & organ195830CF Peterscantata (t. I Kings 17,18) Hovhaness Look Toward the Sea
159QuintetQuintet for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon & hornflute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon & horn1960 rev 6517CF Peters  Hovhaness Quintet
160Praise Ye Him, All His Angels bass, chorus (SATB) & organ (or piano)19586CF Peterst. Psalm 148:1-4,7-13 Hovhaness Praise ye him, all his Angels
160aLet Them Praise the Name of the Lord chorus (SATB), organ (piano)19582CF Peterst. Psalm 148:5 Hovhaness Let them praise the name of the Lord
161O for a Shout of Sacred Joy SATB choir, organ (piano)19583CF Peterst. American colonial hymn Hovhaness O for a shout of sacred joy
162Unto Thee Will I Cry chorus (SATB) & organ (or piano) 3CF Peterst. Psalm 28:1,29 Hovhaness Unto Thee will I cry
163In Memory of an Artist strings1958 rev 687CF PetersSuite: 1. Fantasy on a Fourth; 2. Allegro vivo; 3. Adagio espressivo Hovhaness In Memory of an Artist
164 #1Sextet alto recorder, 2 violins, viola, cello & harpsichord195810ManuscriptUnpublished 
164 #2Shepherd of Israel tenor cantor, soprano recorder (or flute), trumpet ad lib. & string quartet (or string orchestra)195312Manuscript?t. Psalm 80 
165Symphony No. 4 Wind symphony orchestra: 3(6)Fl,2(6)Ob,1(2)Eh,2(6)Cl,B-cl, 2(6)Bsn,Cbsn 4(6)Hn,2(6)Tpt, 3(6)Tbn,Tba,4Perc,Hp195921CF Peters1. Andante (hymn & fugue); 2. Allegro (Dance-trio-dance); 3. Andante espressivo (hymn & fugue) Hovhaness Symphony No.4
166Suite for Accordion accordion19584CF Peters  Hovhaness Suite for Accordion
167Glory to Man SABar, organ19584CF Peterst. John Lovejoy Elliott Hovhaness Glory to Man
168Child in the Garden piano (4 hands)19581CF Peters  Hovhaness Child in the Garden
169Live in the Sun medium voice & celesta (or piano)1954 rev 602CF Peterst. composer Hovhaness Live in the Sun
170Symphony No. 5Short Symphonyorchestra [2222 4331 Timp Perc Cel Hp Strings1953 rev 6311CF Peters  Hovhaness Symphony No.5
171Sonata for Hichiriki & Sho (or Oboe and Organ) hichiriki (or oboe) & sho (or organ)19626CF Peters  Hovhaness Sonata for hichiriki & sho
172Blue Flame(A Musical Fairy Tale)soprano, tenor, bass, chorus (SATB) & orchestra [2222 4231 timp perc hp strings]195926CF Peters  Hovhaness Blue Flame
173Symphony No. 6Celestial Gatesmall orchestra [1111 1100 timp chime hp strings]195920CF Peters  Hovhaness Symphony No. 6 Celestial Gate
174Concerto for accordion & orchestraAccordion concertoAccordian and orchestra [2222 2000 timp hp strings] 195911CF Peters  Hovhaness Accoridon Concerto
175Lake of Van Sonata piano1946 rev 597CF Peters  Hovhaness Lake of Van Sonata
176 #1Madras Sonata piano1947,1951, rev 597CF Peters  Hovhaness Madras Sonata
176 #2Yenovk (The Troubadour) piano1947, 19516CFEUnpublished 
177ShalimarSuite for Pianopiano1950 rev 5112CF PetersSuite - musical tribute to the Kashmir region (in 8 short movements) Hovhaness Shalimar
178Symphony No. 7Nanga Parvatwind symphony orchestra [3(6)Fl, 2(6)Ob, Ca, 2(6)Cl, 2(6)Bsn, Cbsn, 4(6)Hn, 2(6)Tpt, 3(6)Tbn, Tba, 4Perc, Hp]195914CF Peters1. Con ferocita / 2. March / 3. Sunset Hovhaness Symphony No.7 Nanga Parvat
178Nanga Parvat(Symphony for band)    see Symphony No.7  
179Symphony No. 8Arjunaorchestra [11(eh)11 1000 timp piano strings]194725CF PetersOriginally titled 'Ardos' Hovhaness Symphony No.8 Arjuna
179Ardos          see Symphony No.8 Hovhaness Symphony No.8 Arjuna
180Symphony No. 9Saint Vartanorchestra [0000, a sax 1410 timp perc piano strings]1949-5044Peer  Hovhaness St Vartan Symphony
180Saint Vartan Symphony    see Symphony No.9 
181Koke no niwaMoss GardenEnglish horn (or B flat clarinet), 2 percussion & harp1954 rev 607CF Peters  Hovhaness Koke no niwa
182FujiCantatafemale voices, flute, harp (or piano) & strings1960 rev 6415CF PetersCantata (t. Yamabe no Akahito, 8th century, from the Manyoshu; Engl. Japanese) Hovhaness Fuji
183Wind DrumDance Dramaunison male (or female or mixed) voices (or bass or alto solo), solo (or group) dancer(s), flute, timpani, 2 percussion, harp & strings196230CF PetersDance drama (libr. composer) Hovhaness Wind Drum
183aDance of Black-Haired Mountain Storm flute & 3 percussion (timpani, xylophone, bass drum) 5CF PetersOp.183 No.11 arrangement Hovhaness Dance of Black-Haired Mountain Storm
184Symphony No.10Vahakenorchestra [11(eh),11 1110 timp perc hp strings]195918CF Peters  Hovhaness Symphony No.10 Vahaken
185The Burning House 2 baritones, dancer, chorus (8 baritones, or any multiple thereof), flute & 4 percussion (timpani, bass drum, tamtam, xylophone, marimba, glockenspiel, vibraphone, chimes in C,D,D,F,G,G,A).  26CF Peters1-act opera (libr. composer) Hovhaness The Burning House
185aOverture to The Burning House flute & 4 percussion19595CF Peters  Hovhaness The Burning House Overture
186Symphony No.11All Men Are Brothersorchestra1960 rev 6932CF Peters1. Andante appassionato (uses c.1933 material); 2. Allegro maestoso (1940s material?); 3. Andante con nobilita Hovhaness Symphony No.11 All Men Are Brothers
187From the End of the Earth SATB choir, organ (or piano)1951 rev 604CF Peterst. Psalm 61:1-4 Hovhaness From the End of the Earth
188Symphony No.12Choralchorus (SATB), flute, 2 trumpets, timpani, 2 percussion, harp, strings & ad lib. recording of a mountain waterfall196025CF Peterst. Psalm 23 : 1. Andante; 2. The Lord is my shepherd; 3. Bird of Dawn; 4. He leadeth me Hovhaness Symphony No.12
188bThe Lord is My Shepherdfrom Symphony No.12SATB—Org (or Pf, or 6Vln)19605CF Peterssee also Psalm 23, Op.188 #2-4Hovhaness Psalm 23
188 #2-4Psalm 23from Symphony No.12chorus (SATB) & orchestra (or organ or piano)196015CF Peters1. The Lord is my shepherd. 4m; 2. He leadeth me beside the still waters. 6m; 3. Thou preparest a table. 5m Hovhaness Psalm 23
189Armenian Rhapsody No.3 strings19446CF PetersBased on Good Friday melody Sird Im Sasani (My Heart is Shattered) and folksong Bagh Aghpiuri Mod (By the Cold Fountain) Hovhaness Armenian Rhapsody No.3
190Symphony No.13 orchestra [11(eh)11 1000 timp perc hp strings]195322CF PetersRevision of 1945 Martha Graham ballet Ardent Song Hovhaness Symphony No.13
191Poseidon Sonata piano195710CF Peters  Hovhaness Poseidon Sonata
192Bardo Sonata piano19597CF Peters  Hovhaness Bardo Sonata
193 #1Suite for cello & piano cello and piano 5CF Peters  Hovhaness Suite for cello & piano
193 #2Yakamochi cello196515CF Peters  Hovhaness Yakamochi
194Symphony No.14Araratwind symphony orchestra [5(2 pic)363 6661 perc(6)]196014CF Peters  Hovhaness Symphony No.14 Ararat
194Ararat(Symphony for band)    see Symphony No.14 Op.194  
195Mountain of Prophecy 3322 4331 timp perc hp(2) strings19609CF Peters  Hovhaness Mountain of Prophecy
196Pilate alto, bass, bass chorus, 3 fl, 3 tbn 5 perc196330CF Peters1-act opera (libretto composer) Hovhaness Pilate
197Spirit of the Avalanche coloratura soprano, 2 baritones, chorus (Bar), flute, English horn, trumpet, trombone, 4 percussion, harp & strings196235CF Peters1-act opera (libretto composer) Hovhaness Spirit of the Avalanche?aff_id=449757
198Three Visions of Saint Mesrob violin & piano19626CF Peters1. Celestial Mountain; 2. Celestial Bird; 3. Celestial Alphabet Hovhaness Three Visions of Saint Mesrob
199Symphony No.15Silver Pilgrimageorchestra [2222 4331 perc(3) hp strings]196220CF Peters4th movt: Heroic Gates of Peace is a reworking of Tapor Op.14 (1948) Hovhaness Symphony No.15 Silver Pilgrimage
200Sonata No.1 for trumpet & organ trumpet and organ196214CF Peters  Hovhaness Sonata for trumpet & organ
201Trio for violin, viola & cello violin, viola & celloc.19626CF Peters  Hovhaness Trio for violin, viola & cello
202Symphony No.16Kayakeumorchestra (harp, timpani, 2 percussion, strings & 6 Korean instruments: kayakeum (12 strings, similar to koto), janggo (rod drum with 2 sticks), zwago (hanging drum), 3 pyunjong (bronze bells)). 196216CF Peters  Hovhaness Symphony No.16
203Symphony No.17Symphony for Metal Orchestra6 flutes, 3 trombones & 5 percussion196323CF Peters  Hovhaness Symphony for Metal Orchestra
203aBacchanale (from Symphony No.17)Symphony for Metal Orchestra5 percussion: glockenspiel, 2 vibraphones, chimes and giant tamtam196323CF Peters  Hovhaness Symphony for Metal Orchestra
204Circe 1111 1111 timp perc hp strings196318CF PetersBallet for Martha Graham Dance Company Hovhaness Circe
204aSymphony No.18Circeorchestra [2222 2231 Timp 2perc Hp Cel Strings]196318CF PetersSlight reworking of Op.204 Hovhaness Symphony No.18 Circe
205Mysterious Horse Before the Gate trombone & 5 perc (glock, 2 vibr, chimes, giant tamtam)19633CF Peters  Hovhaness Mysterious Horse Before the Gate
206In the Beginning was the Word alto, bass, SATB choir, orchestra [12(eh)10 0110 perc(3) hp strings]196337 t. John 1:1-18 Hovhaness In the Beginning was the Word
207Meditation on Zeami orchestra [3333 4331 timp perc(3) hp strings]196314CF Peters  Hovhaness Meditation on Zeami
208 #1String Quartet No.3 2 violins, viola & cello196810Fujihara  Hovhaness score inquiry
208 #2String Quartet No.4 2 violins, viola & cello197018Fujihara  Hovhaness score inquiry
209Floating World(Ukiyo) - Ballade for Orchestraorchestra [3322 4331 timp perc(3) hp celesta strings (ad lib. 4-7 perc, 2 hp)]196412CF Peters  Hovhaness Floating World
210Bare November Day harpsichord (or organ, clavichord or piano) 2CF Peters  Hovhaness Bare November Day
211Fantasy on Japanese Wood PrintsHan-ga Gensoxylophone & orchestra [3222 4331 timp perc(3) hp strings] 196415CF Peters  Hovhaness Fantasy on Japanese Wood Prints
211Fantasy on Japanese Wood PrintsHan-ga Gensoxylophone & piano 196415CF Peters  Hovhaness Fantasy on Japanese Wood Prints
212Dark River and Distant Bell harpsichord (or piano or clavichord) 5CF Peters  Hovhaness Dark River and Distant Bell
213Return and Rebuild the Desolate Places trumpet & wind symphony orchestra [33(eh)3(b c1)3(c bsn) 4231 timp perc(2)]c.195910CF Petersconcerto Hovhaness Return and Rebuild the Desolate Places
214Five Visionary Landscapes piano 12CF Peters  Hovhaness Five Visionary Landscapes
215The Travellers 2 altos (or mezzo sopranos), 2 basses. chorus (SATB), 3 flutes, percussion & harp196518CF Petersopera in 1 scene (libr. Composer) Hovhaness The Travellers
216Ode to the Temple of Sound Orchestra [3322 4331 timp perc hp (hp II ad lib.) celesta strings]196511CF Peters  Hovhaness Ode to the Temple of Sound
217Symphony No.19Vishnuorchestra [3333 4331 timp perc(6-4) hp(2) celesta strings]196630CF Peters1st performance as "To Vishnu" (NY Philharmonic) Hovhaness Vishnu Symphony
217Vishnu Symphony     see Symphony No.19 
218The Holy City trumpet, chimes (or bell in A), harp & strings 10CF Peters  Hovhaness The Holy City
219The Leper KingDance Dramabaritone, male (or mixed) voices (8 parts), 3 flutes, trumpet, timpani & 2 percussion 33CF Petersdance drama (libr. composer) Hovhaness The Leper King
220Fra AngelicoFantasy for orchestraorchestra [3333 4321 timp perc(4) hp(2) celesta strings] 196717CF Peters  Hovhaness Fra Angelico
221Adoration for voice (or women's chorus with soprano & alto solos; or men's chorus with tenor & bass solos), Fl, Ob, Cl, Tpt, Trb, Cel, chimes & strings196721CF Peterst. composer Hovhaness Adoration
222Praise the Lord with Psaltery chorus (SATB) & orchestra [323(b c1)3(c bsn) 4331, timp, tamtam, large chimes, hp, cel, strings] 21CF Peterscantata (t. Psalms 33,146,150) Hovhaness Praise the Lord with Psaltery
223Symphony No.20Three Journeys to
a Holy Mountain
full band [Picc (C), 8 Fl, 2 Ob, Eng Hn, Eb Cl, 4 Bb Cl I, 4 Bb Cl II, 4 Bb Cl III, 2 Eb alto Cl, 2 Bb bass Cl, Bb Cbass Cl, 2 Bsn, 2 Eb Alt Sax, Bb Ten Sax, Bb Bar. Sax, 4 Hn(F), 6 Bb cornets (or tpt), baritone (treble clef), baritone (bass clef), 3 Trb I, 3 Trb II, 3 Trb III, 6 Tub (or basses), Str Bass, Timp, Giant Tamtam, Bs Drum, Cymbals, Large Chimes, Vibraphone]196821CF Peters  Hovhaness Three Journeys to a Holy Mountain
224Requiem and Resurrection brass ensemble [0000 4231 timp perc(3)]196815CF Peters  Hovhaness Requiem and Resurrection
225Mountains and Rivers Without EndChamber symphony for 10 playersensemble [1110 0110 timp perc(3) hp]196825CF Peters  Hovhaness Mountains and Rivers Without End
226Vibration Painting 13 strings (7 violins, 3 violas, 2 cellos & double bass) 12CF Peterscantata (t. composer) Hovhaness Vibration Painting
227Lady of Light soprano, baritone, chorus (SATB) & orchestra [3222 4331 timp perc(4) hp strings]196943CF PetersCantata (t. composer) Hovhaness Lady of Light
228ShambalaConcerto for violin, sitar & orchestraviolin, sitar & orchestra [3222 4331 timp perc(4) hp strings] 44CF Peters  Hovhaness Shambala
229 #1And God Created Great Whales taped whale sounds, orchestra [3(pic)222 4331 timp perc(4) hp strings]197012CF Peters  Hovhaness And God Created Great Whales
229 #2A Rose for Miss Emily1970orchestra [l(pic)111 1111 timp perc piano strings] 30CF Petersballet (scen. after William Faulkner story) incorporates music from 1936-40 Hovhaness A Rose for Miss Emily
230Spirit of Ink 3 flutes196819CF Peters9 pieces Hovhaness Spirit of Ink
231Night of the Soul bass (or baritone or men's chorus) & 3 flutes19686Manuscripton Shri Raga* N/A *
232Two Consolations 2 violins, viola & cello  Manuscript * N/A *
233All the World's a Dance of Snobbery  piano  Manuscript * N/A *
234Symphony No.21Symphony Etchmiadzin2 trumpets, timpani, 2 percussion & strings196817CF PetersUses material from 1946 opera Etchmiadzin Hovhaness Symphony Etchmiadzin
235Saint Nerses the Graceful 3 clarinets19686Manuscript * N/A *
236Symphony No.22City of Lightorchestra [3(pic)23(b c1)3(c bsn) 4331 timp perc(3) hp strings]197028CF Peters  Hovhaness City of Light Symphony
237 #1Nagooran South Indian orchestra1960 Manuscript * N/A *
237 #2Nagooran cello, timpani, glock, vibes, large chimes, giant tam-tam196410Manuscript Hovhaness Nagooran
238Four Songs low voice & piano1944-4911CF Peters ?t. English, Armenian. 1. Gurge Dikran (t. anon.) 1949. 3m; 2. Gantznin Orern (t. Toumanian?) 1946. 2m; 3. Dulhey, Dulhey. 1948. 2m; 4. Old Dome of Ararat (t. Avedis Isahagian, Engl. transl. composer). 1944. 4m Hovhaness Four Songs
239The Flute Player of the Armenian Mountains low voice & piano194515Manuscriptt. Hamasdegh, in Armenian. 1. Kurd Isakin. 3m; 2. Lalezar. 5m; 3. Nashkhoonag. 2m; 4. Sirds E Numan Mer Haireni Lerrneroon. 3m; 5. Akh, Hoor E, Hoor E, Sirdus. 2mHovhaness score inquiry
240Komachi7 miniature tone poemspiano197111CF Peters  Hovhaness Komachi
241Three Tsamicos piano  Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
242Four Songs low voice & piano197117CF Peterst. composer. 1. Distant Lake of Sighs; 2. Under a Byzantine Dome; 3. In Early Dawn Time; 4. From High Armenia Mountains Hovhaness Four Songs
243Saturn soprano, clarinet & piano197125CF Peterscantata (t. composer) Hovhaness Saturn
244Island of the Mysterious Bells 4 harps197112CFEsuiteHovhaness score inquiry
245The Garden of Adonis flute & harp (or piano)197112CF Peterssuite Hovhaness The Garden of Adonis
246Four Motets  1971 CF Peterssee Op.246 #1 – #4 
246 #1David wept for slain AbsalomMotetbaritone solo, SSATBB choir1971 CF Peters  Hovhaness David wept for slain Absalom
246 #2The Word of Our God Shall Stand ForeverMotetSSATBB, organ19713CF Peters  Hovhaness David wept for slain Absalom
246 #3Heaven (An Echo Anthem)MotetSATB (organ ad lib)1971 CF Peterst. George Herbert Hovhaness Heaven (An Echo Anthem)
246 #4A Rose Tree BlossomsMotetSSATBB (organ ad lib)19712CF Peters(t. composer) Hovhaness A Rose Tree Blossoms
247Hermes Stella piano 5Manuscript * N/A *
248 #1Afton Water 2 sopranos, tenor, baritone, bass, chorus (SSS), 3 Cl, alto sax, 3 Tpt, 2 Perc & Piano195140ManuscriptOperetta (libr. after William Saroyan play)* N/A *
248 #2Three Improvisations3 Improvisations
for band
band [Fl, Ob, 4 Bb Cl, Eb AltoCl, Bb BassCl, Bsn, 2 Eb AltSax, Bb TenSax, Eb BarSax, Bb BassSax, 4 Hn(F), 4 Tpt(Bb), 4 Trb, 4 Baritones, 4 Tubas, Bass drum, Tenor drum, Vibr, Hp]195214Manuscript1. Impromptu on a Bansri Tune; 2. Impromptu on a Bengal Tune (My Boat Is on Land); 3. Impromptu on a Pakistan Lute Tune* N/A *
248 #3The Pitchman 2 alto recorders, piano & celesta (or 2 flutes & 2 pianos)195315Manuscriptballet suite (scen. William Saroyan)* N/A *
248 #4The Spook Sonata alto saxophone & 3 pianos195412Manuscriptincidental music for Strindberg play* N/A *
249Symphony No.23Anilarge band with antiphonal brass choir II ad lib. [Picc(C), 7 Fl, 2 Ob, 2 Eb Cl, 6 Bb Cl, 2 Eb Alto Cl, 2 Bb Bs Cl, 2 Bsn, Eb AltSax, Bb TenSax, Eb BarSax, 4 Bb Cornets I, 4 Bb cornets II, 4 Hn(F) I, 4 Hn(F) II, Bar (treble clef), 2 Baritones (bass clef), 6 Trb I, 6 Trb II, 6 Trb III, 4 Tubas, string bass, timpani, tamtam, bass drum, glock, marimba, vibraphone, xyl, chimes] 197235CF Peters  Hovhaness Symphony No.23 Ani
250 #1Ruins of Ani 4 B flat clarinets (or any multiple thereof)19725Manuscript * N/A *
250 #2Ruins of Ani strings19725Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
251Khorhoort NahadagatsHoly Mystery of the Martyrsoud (or lute or guitar) & string orchestra (or quartet)197245Peer  Hovhaness Holy Mystery of the Martyrs
252 #1Firdausi clarinet, harp & percussion197220Alexander Broude  Hovhaness score inquiry
252 #2Shah-NamehKings Book of Kings 197220Manuscriptfilm score 
252 #37 Love Songs of Saris violin & piano 11Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
253Spirit Cat soprano, vibraphone & marimba197110ManuscriptsuiteHovhaness score inquiry
254Two Songs soprano & piano  Manuscript1. Divinity / 2. Dissolved into Nothingness* N/A *
255Sonata for cello & piano cello & piano1932-7214Peer  Hovhaness Cello Sonata
256Hermit Bell-Ringer of the Tower bass, men's chorus, flute & chimes1927-728Peer * N/A *
257For the Waters are Come men's chorus19733Peermotet Hovhaness For the waters are come
258Three Madrigals SATB chorus19724Broude Brotherssee Op.258 #1 – #3Hovhaness Three Madrigals
258 #1The Pencil of the Holy GhostMadrigalSATB chorus19721Broude Brotherst. Francis Bacon Hovhaness Three Motets
258 #2My Sorrow is my LoveMadrigalSATB chorus1972Broude Brotherst. Alan Hovhaness Hovhaness Three Motets
258 #3They all laughMadrigalSATB chorus19721Broude Brotherst. Alan Hovhaness Hovhaness Three Motets
259Three Motets SATB chorus, alto & bass soli195110Broude Brotherssee Op.259 #1 – #3Hovhaness Three Motets
259 #1Peace be multipliedMotetSATB chorus, alto & bass soli1951Broude Brotherst. I Peter 1:2 Hovhaness Peace be multiplied
259 #2God Be Merciful unto UsMotetalto solo, bass solo, chorus in unison, SATB chorus19515Broude Brotherst. Psalm 67 Hovhaness God Be Merciful unto Us
259 #3WisdomMotetSATB chorus, alto & bass soli19512Broude Brotherst. from Ecclesiastes Hovhaness Wisdom
260Dream of a Myth orchestra [1111 1111 timp perc strings]197325Manuscriptballet for Martha Graham* N/A *
261Les Baux violin & piano19734CFE  Hovhaness score inquiry
262Quartet for clarinet, violin, viola & cello clarinet, violin, viola & cello197310Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
263Night of a White Cat clarinet & piano19733Manuscript  Hovhaness Night of a White Cat
264 #1Tumburu violin, cello & piano197319Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
264 #2Varuna violin, cello & piano197313Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
265Two Biblical Songs high soprano & piano (or organ)1973-748Manuscript1. How long wilt Thou forget me? 1973; 2. Let not your heart be troubled. 1974* N/A *
266Sonata for 2 bassoons 2 bassoons (or bassoon & cello)19736Peer  Hovhaness Sonata for 2 bassoons
267Concerto for harp & strings harp & strings197312CFE Hovhaness score inquiry
268Four Motets SATB chorus1973 AMPsee Op.268 #1 – #4 
268 #1Blessed is the Man that Trusteth in the LordMotetSATB chorus19733AMP  Hovhaness Blessed is the Man that Trusteth in the Lord
268 #2Help Lord; for the Godly Man CeasethMotetSATB chorus19733AMP  Hovhaness Help Lord; for the Godly Man ceaseth
268 #3Lord, Who Shall Abide in Thy Tabernacle?MotetSATB chorus19733AMP  Hovhaness Lord, who shall abide in Thy Tabernacle?
268 #4The Fool Hath Said in His HeartMotetchorus (SATB)19733AMP  Hovhaness The Fool hath said in his Heart
269 #1Though Night Is Dark chorus (SATB)1972 Belwin-Millsmadrigal 
269 #2/3Two Songs of Faith chorus (SATB)1973 Belwin-Mills  
269 #4Jesus Meek and Gentle chorus (SATB) and organ1978 Alexander Broude  Hovhaness Jesus Meek and Gentle
270Suite for Harp harp197310AMP7 movements Hovhaness Suite for Harp
271Pastorale and Fugue 2 flutes19735AMP  Hovhaness Pastorale and Fugue
272Dawn on Mt. Tahoma string orchestra19735Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
273Symphony No.24Majnun Symphonytenor, SATB choir, trumpet, violin & strings197348AMPt. Persian poet Jami, from 1400 epic poem Salaman and Absal; Engl. transl. Edward Fitzgerald;
1. Majnun; 2. Letters in the Sand; 3. The Distracted Lover; 4. The Sword Wind
Hovhaness Symphony No.24 Majnun
274Three Sasa Songs soprano & piano1973 Manuscript1. Where's my Cat?; 2. Melancholy Cat; 3. Sasa's TarantellaHovhaness score inquiry
275Symphony No.25Odysseus Symphonyorchestra [1(pic)110 1111 timp perc strings]197335Peer  Hovhaness Odysseus Symphony
275Odysseus Symphony     see Symphony No.25 
276O Lord, Bless Thy Mountains 2 pianos tuned a quarter-tone apart19747CFE Hovhaness score inquiry
277Fantasy double bass (or cello) & piano1974 Alexander BroudeOut of printHovhaness score inquiry
278 #1To the Cascade Mountains orchestra [3222 4331 timp perc(4) hp strings] 17Manuscriptfilm score suiteHovhaness score inquiry
278 #2Ode to the Cascade Mountains orchestra [3222 4331 timp perc(4) hp strings] 6Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
279The Way of Jesus soprano, tenor, bass, chorus (SATB), chorus (baritones in unison) & orchestra [3222 4331 timp perc(4) hp guitars(3) strings]197586-100Peeroratorio Hovhaness The Way of Jesus
280Symphony No.26 orchestra [3222 4331 timp perc(4) hp strings]197538Peer  Hovhaness Symphony No.26
281 #1Fanfare to the New Atlantis orchestra [0000 4331 timp chimes tam-tam strings]19757Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
281 #2Psalm to St. Alban horn, 2 trumpets & trombone19744Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
282A Simple Mass soprano, alto, tenor, bass. chorus (4-part unison voices) & organ 20AMP  Hovhaness Simple Mass
283Pericles 3 sopranos, tenor, 3 basses, chorus (SATB) & orchestra [3222 4331 timp perc(4) hp strings]1975120Manuscriptgrand operaHovhaness score inquiry
284Ode to Freedom violin & orchestra [3222 4331 timp perc(4) hp strings]197612Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
285Symphony No.27 orchestra [1100 1100 timp perc strings]197635Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
286Symphony No.28 orchestra [10(eh)00 0100 timp strings]197623Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
287String Quartet No.5 2 violins, viola & cello1976 Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
288SonatinaMeditation on Mt. Monadnockpiano19775Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
289Symphony No.29 baritone horn & orchestra [3222 4331 timp perc(4) hp strings]197625Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
290Suite for Brass Quintet 4 tpts & trbn, or B-flat tpt, hn, trbn, tuba 19768Alphonse Leduc  Hovhaness Suite for 4 trumpets & trombone
291Suite for alto saxophone & guitar alto saxophone (E flat), guitar19768Peer  Hovhaness Suite for alto saxophone & guitar
292Glory Sings the Setting Sun coloratura soprano, clarinet & piano197722Manuscriptcantata (t. composer)Hovhaness score inquiry
293Symphony No.30 orchestra [1100 0100 strings]1952-7620Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
294Symphony No.31 strings1976-7730Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
295Septet flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, trumpet, trombone, percussion & double bass197630ManuscriptMusic for ballet 'Plains Daybreak' by Erich Hawkins.Hovhaness score inquiry
296Symphony No.32The Broken Wingsorchestra [1110 1100 perc strings]197733Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
297Sonata for 2 clarinets 2 clarinets19775Peer  Hovhaness Sonata for 2 clarinets
298How I Love Thy Law high soprano, clarinet and piano197711ManuscriptcantataHovhaness score inquiry
299 #1Mount Belknap(sonata for piano)piano1932 rev 197710Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
299 #2Mount Ossipee(sonata for piano)piano1935 rev 19778Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
299 #3Mount Shasta(sonata for piano)piano1936 rev 197712Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
300Suite for flute and guitar flute and guitar197715Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
301Fred the Cat(sonata for piano)piano19776Fujihara  Hovhaness score inquiry
302Sonata for oboe and bassoon oboe and bassoon197710Peer  Hovhaness Sonata for oboe and bassoon
303Ananda(sonata for piano)piano197720FujiharaI: Andante; II: Vision of a Volcano; III: Allegro Assai;
IV: Vision of a Starry Night
Hovhaness score inquiry
304A Presentiment coloratura soprano and piano197710Fujiharat. William Cullen BryantHovhaness score inquiry
305Celestial Canticle coloratura soprano and piano197712Fujiharat. Psalms 99:1, 3, 5 & 91:1, 2. 1. Prelude; 2. The Lord reigneth; 3. Under the Shadow; 4. AlleluiaHovhaness score inquiry
306Harpsichord Sonata No.1 harpsichord197715Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
307Symphony No.33 orchestra [101( 0110 perc strings]197735Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
308Rubaiyat speaker, accordion & orchestra [3222 4331 timp perc(4) strings]197513Fujihara  Hovhaness score inquiry
309Sketch Book of Mr. Purple Poverty piano197810Alexander Broudeeasy piano pieces (2 books). Out of PrintHovhaness Sonata for oboe and bassoon
310Symphony No.34 bass trombone & strings197724Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
311Symphony No.35 2 orchestras: Orch 1 [Korean Ah-ahk instruments: sogeum, daegeum, piri, haegeum, kayageum ad lib., keomongo ad lib., ahjaeng, janggu, jwago, pyeon kyeong, pyeon jong]. Orch 2 [33(eh)3(bcl)3(c bsn) 4332 timp perc(4) hp strings]197840Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
312Symphony No.36 flute and orchestra [33(eh)3(b c1)3(c bsn) 4331 timp perc(3) hp strings]197837Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
313Symphony No.37 orchestra [2222 4331 timp b-drum hp strings]197830Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
314Symphony No.38 high soprano, flute, trumpet & strings197852Fujiharat. composerHovhaness score inquiry
315Songs for high soprano & piano high soprano & piano19786Fujihara1. Genri; 2. Mysterious Harp; 3. Strange Little CatHovhaness score inquiry
316Guitar Sonata No.1 guitar197811Alexander Broude Hovhaness score inquiry
317Sonata for flute flute (bass or alto)19784Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
318Harpsichord Sonata No.2 harpsichord19786Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
319Sunset on Mt. Tahoma(sonata for 2 trumpets, horn, trombone & organ)2 trumpets, horn, trombone & organ197811Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
320Teach me Thy Way chorus (SSA)1978 Alexander BroudeOut of printHovhaness score inquiry
321Symphony No.39 guitar and orchestra [3322 4331 timp perc (2) hp strings]197825Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
322Sonata for clarinet & harpsichord clarinet and harpsichord197810Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
323Tale of the Sun Goddess Going into the Stone House coloratura soprano, soprano, tenor, bass, chorus (SATB) & orchestra [1000 0220 timp perc(2) strings (with solo violin)] 1978 rev. 1981 & 8850FujiharaOpera (libretto by Hinako Fujihara)Hovhaness score inquiry
324Symphony No.40 orchestra [0000 1211 timp strings] 197918Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
325Guitar Concerto No.1 guitar & orchestra. [3322 4331 timp perc(3) strings] 197930Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
326Sonata No.1 for 3 trumpets & 2 trombones 3 trumpets and 2 trombones 197912Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
327Love Song Vanishing into Sounds of Crickets piano19793Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
328Sonata No.2 for 3 trumpets & 2 trombones 3 trumpets and 2 trombones 197910Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
329Guitar Sonata No.2 guitar19798Alexander Broude Hovhaness score inquiry
330Symphony No.41 orchestra [0000 1210 strings]197915Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
331Trio for 3 saxophones 3 saxophones (E flat alto, B flat tenor, E flat baritone)19795Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
332Symphony No.42 orchestra [1000 0110 strings]197920Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
3334 Nocturnes 2 saxophones & piano19794Fujihara1-3. Soprano saxophone & piano; 4. 2 soprano (or alto) saxophones & pianoHovhaness score inquiry
334Symphony No.43 oboe, trumpet, timpani & strings197918Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
335Mount Chocorua (sonata for piano)piano198221Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
336Harpsichord Sonata No.3 harpsichord19796Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
337On Christmas Eve a Child Cried Out chorus (SATB) flute and harp19795Alexander BroudeOut of print* TBD *
338CopernicusTone poem for orchestraorchestra [2222 4330 timp perc(3) hp strings]19607Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
339Symphony No.44 orchestra [1100 0100 timp perc strings]198018Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
340Blue Job Mountain(sonata for piano)pianopiano10Fujihara1st movt Andante is reworking of 1938 Ghazal Op.36a; 2nd movt Fantasy is reworking of 1935 Fantasy for piano Op.15Hovhaness score inquiry
341Greek Rhapsody No.2 orchestra [3(pic)222 4331 timp strings]1972   Hovhaness score inquiry
342Symphony No.45 orchestra [2222 4230 timp perc p(2) strings]195424FujiharaOriginally titled Concerto No.10 Op.123 No.3Hovhaness score inquiry
343Revelations of St. Paul soprano, tenor, baritone, chorus (SATB) & orchestra [3222 4331 timp perc(2) hp strings]198070FujiharaOratorio (t. Biblical, Rev. Standard vers.)Hovhaness score inquiry
344Concerto for soprano saxophone soprano saxophone & strings198015Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
345Catamount(sonata for piano)piano198012Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
346Prospect Hill(sonata for piano)piano19808Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
347Symphony No.46To the Green Mountainsorchestra [3222 4331 timp perc(3) hp strings]198035Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
348Symphony No.47Walla Walla, land of many waterscoloratura soprano & orchestra [3322 4331 timp perc(3) hp strings]198050Fujiharat. Hinako Fujihara and John MuirHovhaness score inquiry
349Sonata No.2 for trumpet and organThe Divine Fountaintrumpet and organ198112Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
350 #1Stars Sing Bell Song coloratura soprano & Javanese gamelan1981 Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
350 #2Pleiades Javanese gamelan1981 Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
351Corruption in Office piano19815Manuscript1. Bribery Scene; 2. Grandeur of Office; 3. Devil's DanceHovhaness score inquiry
352Organ Sonata No.1 organ198112Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
353Lalezar4 songs for bass & orchestrabass & orchestra [3322 4331 timp perc(3) hp strings]198112Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
354Journey to Arcturus(sonata for piano)piano198118Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
355Symphony No.48Vision of Andromedaorchestra [3222 4331 timp perc(4) hp strings]198130Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
356Symphony No.49Christmas Symphonystrings198122Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
357Harpsichord Sonata No.4Daddy-long-legsharpsichord19819Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
358Psalm brass quartet19815Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
359God is our Refuge and Strength chorus (SATB) & orchestra [3222 4331 timp perc(3) strings] (or organ & timpani)19818Alexander BroudeOut of print* TBD *
360Symphony No.50Mount St. Helensorchestra [33(eh)22 4331 timp perc(4) hp strings]198225CF Peters  Hovhaness Symphony No.50 Mount Saint Helens
360Mount St. Helens Symphony     see Symphony No.50 
361Harpsichord Sonata No.5 harpsichord198210Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
362Dance Ghazal piano19302ManuscriptOriginally Opus 37a Hovhaness score inquiry
363Lake Winnipesaukee(sextet) flute, oboe, cello, 2 percussion & piano198213Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
364Symphony No.51 trumpet and strings198217Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
365Shigure soprano & piano19825ManuscriptSong to Japanese poem by Haruo SatoHovhaness score inquiry
366Hiroshige's Cat BathingTo Hiroshige's Cat (sonata for piano)piano198220Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
367On the long total eclipse of the moon, July 6, 1982(sonata for piano)piano198217Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
368Tsugouhara Fujita's Sleeping Cat(sonata for piano)piano198212Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
369Lake Sammamish(sonata for piano)piano198212Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
370Love's Philosophy voice and piano1984 Manuscriptsong to poem by Percy Bysshe ShelleyHovhaness score inquiry
371Campuan Sonata viola and piano198220 publ. Lim Chong Keat ?Hovhaness score inquiry
372Symphony No.52Journey to Vegaorchestra [1111 2211 timp strings (or string quintet)]198330Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
373Prelude and Fugue brass quartet19835Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
374Spirit of Trees(sonata for harp & guitar)harp & guitar198324Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
375Sonata for clarinet & piano clarinet and piano198312Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
376The Waves Unbuild the Wasting Shore tenor, chorus (SATB) & organ19838Manuscriptcantata to poem by Oliver Wendell HolmesHovhaness score inquiry
377Symphony No.53Star Dawn band [Fl(Picc), Ob, Eng. Hn(F), Sop Cl, Eb Cl, Eb Alto Cl, Bb Bass Cl, Bb Cbass Cl, Bsn, Cbsn, 2 Alto Sax Eb, Bb Ten sax, Eb Bar sax, 4 Hns in F, 5 Tpts in C, 3 Tbns, 2 baritones, Tuba, Timpani, 4 perc] 198312Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
378Symphony No.54 orchestra [2222 4331 timp strings]198317Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
379Symphony No.55 orchestra [3222 4331 timp perc hp piano strings]198320Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
380Symphony No.56 orchestra [3222 4331 timp piano strings]198317Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
381Symphony No.57Cold Mountaintenor/soprano, clarinet & strings (or string quintet)198337Fujiharato poems by Han-Shan; transl. from the Chinese by Burton WatsonHovhaness score inquiry
382Sonatina for organ organ19834Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
383Killer of Enemies flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, percussion, violin & double bass198317ManuscriptPossibly same work as Septet Op.295Hovhaness score inquiry
384Starry Night flute, xylophone & harp19856Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
385Cantate Domino SATB chorus & organ19848Manuscriptt. Psalm 98Hovhaness score inquiry
386Organ Sonata No.2Invisible Sunorgan198410Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
387Sonata for alto recorder & harpsichord alto recorder & harpsichord19846Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
388Lilydale piano19864Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
389Symphony No.58Symphony Sacrasoprano, baritone, chorus (SATB), flute, horn, trumpet, timpani, chimes, harp & strings198520Manuscripttext - arr. by Joseph F. McCallHovhaness score inquiry
390Cougar Mountain(sonata for piano)piano19858Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
391The Spirit's Map voice & piano19776Manuscript3 songs to poems by Jean Harper; 1. Distant Age; 2. The Day; 3. Their WaysHovhaness score inquiry
392Mountain Under the Sea Eb alto saxophone, timpani, vibraphone, tam-tam & harp19844Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
393Dawn on a Mountain Lake double bass & piano19774Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
394Guitar Concerto No.2 guitar and strings198526Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
395Symphony No.59 orchestra [3322 4331 timp perc(4) hp strings]198540Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
396Symphony No.60To the Appalachian Mountainsorchestra [3322 4331 timp perc(4) hp strings]198530Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
397Symphony No.61 orchestra [13222 4331 timp perc(4) hp strings]198615Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
398Srpouhiduetviolin and piano19772Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
399Sonata for piano piano198610Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
400A Friendly Mountain bass and piano19862Manuscriptsong to words by the composerHovhaness score inquiry
401Bless the Lord tenor, choir (SATB), organ198610FujiharaCantata (libretto: Psalm 104, verses 1–4)Hovhaness score inquiry
402Symphony No.62Oh Let Man Not Forget These Wordstrumpet, strings, baritone1987-8833Fujiharat. Francis Bacon Bi-lateral Cypher contained in Henry VII, 1622, deciphered by Mrs. E Gallup, 1899Hovhaness score inquiry
403Trio violin, viola, cello19866Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
404Sonata for Brass Quartet ‘Chomulungma’ (Mt. Everest) 2 trumpets, horn, trombone1986 Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
405Mount Katahdin(sonata for piano)piano198713Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
406Sonata for Flute and Harp flute, harp19874Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
407The Frog Man coloratura soprano, soprano, tenor, baritone, bass, men’s chorus, 2 flutes 2 percussion198750FujiharaChamber opera. Libretto: M. HammaHovhaness score inquiry
408God the Reveller flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, violin, double bass, 1 perc198720FujiharaMusic for Erick Hawkins ballet: Plains DaybreakHovhaness score inquiry
409Duet for Violin and Cello violin, cello19875Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
410The Aim was Song double chorus (chorus 1: SAB, chorus 2: SATB), 2 flutes, piano198716Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
411Symphony No.63Loon Lake1(pic) 1 (cor ang.) 22, 2210, timp, 1 perc (large chimes, glock), harp, strings198826Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
412Concerto No. 9 piano and strings195411Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
413Concerto No.10(different work to Op.123 #3)piano, trumpet, strings198822Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
414Harpsichord Sonata No.6 harpsichord198810Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
415Lake Sammish violin, clarinet, piano198817Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
416Sno Qualmie clarinet, timpani, chimes, harp, double bass?12Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
417Why Is My Verse So Barren of New Pride? Baritone, piano19884Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
418Out of Silence chorus (SATB), trumpet, string orchestra (or quintet)198918FujiharaCantata: (libretto: Eugene Messer)Hovhaness score inquiry
419Consolation piano19893Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
420Harpsichord Sonata No.7Journey to Sanahinharpsichord195011Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
421 #1Guitar Sonata No.3 guitar??Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
421 #2Guitar Sonata No.4 guitar??Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
421 #3Guitar Sonata No.5 guitar??Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
422Symphony No.64Agiochooktrumpet, strings??Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
423Sonata for Solo Viola viola199215Fujihara  Hovhaness Sonata for Solo Viola
424Sonata for OrganHermit Thrushorgan??Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
425Three Songs for Low Voice and Piano low voice, piano1934 Fujihara1. Foothills; 2. The Lake; 3.Fog. Was originally Op.19Hovhaness score inquiry
426Dream Flame low voice, piano?1940-50?Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
427Symphony No.65Artsakh3222 4331 timp, 4 perc, harp, strings1991 Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
428Symphony No.66Hymn to Glacier Peak3222 4331 timp, 3 perc, harp, strings199219Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
429Symphony No.67Hymn to the Mountains3222 4331 timp, 3 perc, harp, strings1992 Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
430Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra 3222 4331, timp, bell, harp, strings1992 Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
431Violin Concerto No.2 3222 4331 timp, 3 perc, harp, strings1993 Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
432 #1Pastime with Good Company flute, drum, timpani, chorus SATB1994 Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
432 #2The Baby's Dance flute, harp, chorus SATB1994 Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
433How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings guitar, chorus SATB1995 Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
434Habakkuk organ19958Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry

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