Alan Hovhaness List of Concertos

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   Opus Title Subtitle Instrumentation    Year Timing     Publisher Comments Buy/ Rent
17 #1Cello Concerto 2222 4330 timp hp strings193730 1937 publication as Op.27 Hovhaness Cello Concerto
50ElibrisGod of Dawn of Urardu / Concerto for flute & stringsflute and strings194410Peer  Hovhaness Elibris
75Sosi - Forest of Prophetic Sounds violin, piano, horn, timpani, giant tam-tam & strings194810Peer  Hovhaness Sosi Forest of Prophetic Sounds
77Zartik ParkimConcerto for piano and chamber orchestrapiano, 1010 2100 timp perc strings194815Peer  Hovhaness Zartik Parkim
78ArtikConcerto for horn & stringshorn & strings194815CF Peters  Hovhaness Artik
81JanabarJourney; 5 hymns of serenity for trumpet, piano, violin solo & stringsviolin, trumpet, piano & strings194935PeerIn memory of Mr & Mrs Ajemian Hovhaness Janabar
88Concerto No. 1Arevakalorchestra: 2222 2200 timp perc hp strings195125AMP  Hovhaness Concerto No.1 Arevakal
88Arevakal     see Concerto No.1 Op.88 
89aConcerto No. 2 violin & strings1951-5720CF Peters  Hovhaness Concerto No. 2 violin strings
93 #1TalinConcerto for Viola and Stringsviola & strings1951-5216AMP  Hovhaness Talin
94Concerto No. 3Diran (the Religious Singer)baritone horn (or trombone) & strings194810Robert King  Hovhaness Concerto No. 3 Diran
98 #2Concerto No. 4Tel El Armarna322(eh)2 4231 timp hp strings195212CF Peters  Hovhaness Concerto No. 4
98 #3Concerto No. 5 piano and strings 13Manuscript3-movement versionHovhaness score inquiry
98 #3Concerto No. 5 piano and strings c.15Manuscriptoriginal 5-movement version 
114Concerto No. 6Harmonica Concertoharmonica (or flute or oboe) & strings195310CF Peters  Hovhaness Concerto No.6 Harmonica
114Harmonica Concerto     see Concerto No.6 
116Concerto No. 7Concerto No.7 for orchestra2222 4231 timp, perc, hp, celesta, strings195325AMP1. Allegretto; 2. Allegro (Jhala-Scherzo); 3. Double Fugue - 'Hymn to Louisville' Hovhaness Concerto No. 7
117Concerto No. 8Concerto No.8 for orchestra2222 2210 timp perc hp strings195720CF PetersIncludes material from discarded "Symphony No.2, Op.62" Hovhaness Concerto No.8
123 #3Concerto No.10(different work to Op.413)orchestra [2222 4230 timp perc piano(2) strings]195420FujiharaReclassified as Symphony No.45Hovhaness score inquiry
123 #3Concerto for 2 Pianos          see Concerto No.10 Op.123 #3  
1507 Greek Folk Dances harmonica & strings19567CF Peters1. The Selybrian Syrtos; 2. Sweet-Basil Green; 3. Karagouna; 4. Tsaconian Dance; 5. Pastoral; 6. Sousta; 7. Hassapiko Hovhaness 7 Greek Folk Dances
174Concerto for Accordion & OrchestraAccordion concertoAccordian and orchestra [2222 2000 timp hp strings] 195911CF Peters  Hovhaness Accoridon Concerto
179Symphony No. 8ArjunaPiano + orchestra [11(eh)11 1000 timp strings]194725CF PetersOriginally titled 'Ardos' Hovhaness Symphony No.8 Arjuna
179Ardos          see Symphony No.8 Hovhaness Symphony No.8 Arjuna
211Fantasy on Japanese Wood PrintsHan-ga Gensoxylophone & orchestra [3222 4331 timp perc(3) hp strings] 196415CF Peters  Hovhaness Fantasy on Japanese Wood Prints
218The Holy City trumpet, chimes (or bell in A), harp & strings 10CF Peters  Hovhaness The Holy City
228ShambalaConcerto for violin, sitar & orchestraviolin, sitar & orchestra [3222 4331 timp perc(4) hp strings] 44CF Peters  Hovhaness Shambala
251Khorhoort NahadagatsHoly Mystery of the Martyrsoud (or lute or guitar) & string orchestra (or quartet)197245Peer  Hovhaness Holy Mystery of the Martyrs
267Concerto for Harp & Strings harp & strings197312CFE Hovhaness score inquiry
284Ode to Freedom violin & orchestra [3222 4331 timp perc(4) hp strings]197612Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
310Symphony No.34 Solo bass trombone & strings197724Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
312Symphony No.36 Solo flute and orchestra [33(eh)3(b c1)3(c bsn) 4331 timp perc(3) hp strings]197837Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
325Guitar Concerto No.1 guitar & orchestra. [3322 4331 timp perc(3) strings] 197930Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
342Symphony No.45 orchestra [2222 4230 timp perc piano (2) strings]195424FujiharaOriginally titled Concerto No.10 Op.123 No.3Hovhaness score inquiry
344Concerto for Soprano Saxophone soprano saxophone & strings198015Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
394Guitar Concerto No.2 guitar and strings198526Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
412Concerto No. 9 piano and strings195411Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
413Concerto No.10(different work to Op.123 #3)piano, trumpet, strings198822Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
430Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra 3222 4331, timp, bell, harp, strings1992 Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
431Violin Concerto No.2 3222 4331 timp, 3 perc, harp, strings1993 Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry

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