Alan Hovhaness List of Uncataloged Works

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About the Uncataloged Listing

This listing comprises Hovhaness works not found in the main Op.1 to Op.434 listing, but which are either extant as manuscripts, were at one time published, or are otherwise authoritatively documented. In some cases the 'Comments' column offers the most plausible explanation for the work's "unofficial" status. Works from the 1920s/30s were probably discarded by the composer as simply juvenilia, although some material was reworked into much later music (again, see 'Comments' column).

Some works may have an opus number beside them, but the composer subsequently assigned this same number to another work (refer to Op.1 to Op.434 listing). This suggests that Hovhaness either (a) discarded the work outright, (b) recycled its material into later work, or (c) forgot about it.

Where a work is known to have been published, this is indicated in the 'Comments' column.

   Year Title   Opus Instrumentation Timing Comments
1925Daniel  unknown Opera for Arlington High School
1929Lotus Blossom  unknown Opera for Arlington High School
1928 rev 34Suite1string quintet, piano Op.1 assigned to Oror (1926) and Suite for vln/pno (1927)
1932Saga No.II Mountain Saga   piano I. Majesty; II. Solitude
1932Saga No.III  piano I. Andante con molto espressione; II. Presto; III. Adagio con molto expressione. Movt II material reused in oroginal (later discarded) 2nd movt of Exile Symphony (Op.17 No.2)
1933Saga No.IV  piano I. Lento con molto expressione (1931); II. Andante-allegretto (1928); Revised 1933
1933Saga No.V  piano I. Thunder clouds?; II. Sunset
1933Sunset Saga1 #2piano I. Largo; II. Allegro Maestoso; III. Fear thou not!
1933Saga No.VI March Saga  piano I. Lento; II. Presto
193_Saga No.4  piano I. Song of wooded mountains and wandering clouds; II. Early dawn in hilltops above a sea of mist
193_Saga No.8  piano  
193_Saga No.9 (A Sonata)  piano  
1933Dawn in the Hills piano and organ I. Lento; II. Andante
1933Evening in the Hills piano  
19__Star Dawn piano I. Lento con molto expressione; II. Lento maestoso con expressione. Opening melody reused in 1st movt of Symphony No.53 Op.377
1933Eight Sketches piano I. Among the stars : dream of a child astronomer : fantasy in two parts; II. The peace of love; III. Star of early dawn; IV. Love's consolation; V. Wild flowers; VI. Dawn on the Sunkook River; VII. Giant red star - fire dance; VIII. Midsummer Day waltzes
1933The Sea Angel (Music Legend)  piano and narrator I. Lento, sempre legato e sempre expressivo; II. Spoken; III. Love song.
Some thematic material recycled in 1st movement of Symphony No.11 Op.186
1933Song of the Sea  piano, string orchestra Tone poem in two parts: I. Moderato espressivo; II. Adagio espressivo
1934Fog on Mount Doublehead1 #1piano  
1934Legend of the Sunkook Valley1 #3piano  
193_Crotchéd Hill — Fantasy in 3 Parts1 #4cello and piano  
19__Descent of a Winter Night — Tone Poem in 2 Partspiano  
1934Bugs6 #4piano  
1934?Snow in the Hills (A Tone Poem)6 #12piano  
1935Sonata I2piano  
1936Suite No.I9piano   
1936Prelude and Fugue10Flute and clarinet Op.10 assigned to Three Preludes and Fugues for pno (1935)
1936Prelude and Fugue11Flute and oboe  
1936Two Motets12Soprano and flute a. Behold, the Kingdom of Heaven is Within You. b. Praise Ye the Lord
1936Suite No.II14piano Op.14 became Tapor for band
1936Fantasy for Piano15piano Published at one time. This is a different work to Fantasy for Piano of 1952. Op.15 became Suite for band (1948)
1936Easter Anthem18Soprano, mixed chorus, organ  Op.18 assigned to Variations and Fugue (1963)
1936Lament20aVoice and piano2Published at one time. Music recycled into Saint Vartan Symphony (1950). Op.20 assigned to Nocturne (1937/56/61)
1937Lament20bpiano2Music recycled into Saint Vartan Symphony (1950). Op.20 assigned to Nocturne (1937/56/61)
1937Sonata for piano22piano  Published at one time. Op.22 assigned to Mystic Flute (1937)
1937O Lord, Our Lord23anthem for bass solo, mixed chorus, organ  Op.23 assigned to Suite for Ob & Bsn (1949)
1937Why Hast Thou Foresaken Me24anthem for soprano solo, mixed chorus, organ  Op.24 assigned to Vaspooragan voice & pno (1938)
1937The Voice of the Lord25snthem for tenor solo, mixed chorus, organ  Op.25 assigned to Lament for clarinet (1935)
1937Suite No.1 for Orchestra26orchestra  Op.26 assigned to Behold, God is My Help
1937I Will Extol Thee28motet for high voice and piano  Op.28 assigned to O Lord rebuke me not
1938Hymn to Shasta
(Fantasy for Orchestra)
31orchestra  Op.31 assigned to Two Shakespeare Sonnets, voice & pno (1939)
1937To the Blessed There is Joy32Ode for Soprano, women's chorus, a cappella   Op.32 assigned to Starlight of Noon (1947) and O World (1960)
1938?String Quartet No.2  2 violins, viola, cello   
1938Seven Love Songs of Hafiz33voice and piano  Published. Comprises different songs to 1967 version. a. I Have Borne the Anguish of Love; b. Far Through the World Have I Roved; c. The Flowing of My Tears; d. On Yesternight; e. Why Dost Though Bite Thy Lip; f. Absent from Thee; g. Thus Am I, Hafiz
1938Four Songs35voice and piano  Op.35 assigned to the Lord's Prayer (1962)
1940Prayer54 piano and orch [2222 2210 timp, str] 8"Piano Concertino with Symphony Orchestra Accompaniment". Published at one time by Whitney Blake. 1st movt recycled into Agori (1946) and A Rose for Miss Emily (1970)
1940?String Quartet No.3592 violins, viola, cello?Op.59 assigned to Is There Survival? (1949)
1941Symphony No.262orch [2222 4330 timp, hp, str] ?2nd movt recycled into Concerto No.8 (2nd mvt), 3rd movt into Symphony No.22 (4th movt)
1940s?Khoren  band?Concerto for band
1941Jim Dandy Rhapsody clarinet, trumpet, chimes, 2 vibraphones, piano10Music for William Saroyan play Jim Dandy
1942?Bari, Bari voice, pianoc.3t. William Saroyan
1944Four Jashou Sharagansn/a3 & 4 part mixed chorus, organ Armenian sharagans arranged & harmonized by Hovhaness
1944By the Fountain   string orchestra Recycled into Armenian Rhapsody No.3
1950Agori   (2nd version)double orchestra10?Concerto based on material from Op.62
1951Sivas violin and string orchestra8Withdrawn; 1st movt recycled into 1st movt of Concerto No.2 for violin & strings
1954?Psalm and Fugue No.2 four horns4 
1954Overture and Aria   11Two movements from In Gautama's House, aborted opera on the life of Gautama Buddha.
1954Haiku for the Full Moon alto recorder and piano1 
195_Slumber Song39 #4 & 52 #2piano1 
195_Siris Dance39 #5 & 52 #3piano1Originally titled Siris
1956Laona  piano3 
1957Assignment India      Soundtrack for NBC television program, first aired 24 November 1955 (Thanksgiving Day)
1957Assignment Southeast Asia      Soundtrack for NBC television program, aired 22 December 1957
1958Mediation on Ardalus156, No.2Solo flute4Recorded by Naxos
1966Orbit No.3 orchestra [3222 4331 timp,bass drum, tam-tam, hp, cel, strings]2 
1974Suite for Jade Notch Flute flute, bell or chime, drums or timpani   
1979Christmas Snow  piano2 
1982Cascade Mountain Dance362piano  Discarded. Op.362 assigned to Dance Ghazal of 1930
1982Ode to Mount Hood370band6Put into Symphony No.53 'Star Dawn' Op.377, and Op.370 assigned to Love's Philosophy
1970 rev.85And God Created Great Whales  SATB choir, taped whale sounds, orchestra [3(pic)222 4331 timp perc(4) hp strings]12Arrangement of Op.229 No.1 with additional choir part
1988To Jean Nandi and her Harpsichord (Improvisation)n/aharpsichord1 
?Dirge and Dance of the Wind  piano  
?A Suite in Three Minutes77piano3I. The first minute; II. The second minute; III. The third minute
?Bedouin  piano  
?Suite in G120piano I. Hymn; II. Fugue a 3; III. Jhala; IV. Aria; V. Alleluia
?Prelude and March122piano  
?Sonatina for Organ  organ I. Andante; II. Allegretto pastorale; III. Adagio con molto espressione

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