Alan Hovhaness List of Orchestral Works

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   Opus Title Subtitle Instrumentation    Year Timing     Publisher Comments Buy/ Rent
2 #1MonadnockFantasy for orch.2222 4331 timp strings19365CF Peters Hovhaness Monadnock
2 #2Storm on Mt. WildcatFantasy for orch.2222 4331 timp perc strings1931 rev. 364FujiharaOriginally titled 'Boreas and Mt. Wildcat'  
2 #2Boreas and Mt. Wildcat      see 'Storm on Mt. Wildcat' 
17 #1Cello Concerto 2222 4330 timp hp strings193730 1937 publication as Op.27 Hovhaness Cello Concerto
17 #2Symphony No. 1Exile Symphonyorchestra [2222 4331 timp hp strings]193720CF Peters1st version: published 1937 as Op.17. Movt titles: Lament, Conflict, Triumph. 3rd version: contains middle movt from 1970, and all earlier movt titles removed Hovhaness Exile Symphony
17 #2Exile Symphony  1937  see Symphony No. 1 
18Variations and Fugue  orchestra [3322 4331 timp perc hp glock strings]196313CF Peters  Hovhaness Variations and Fugue
40aPsalm and Fugue strings19406CF Peters  Hovhaness Psalm and Fugue
40bAlleluia and Fugue strings194010Rongwen (Broude Bros.)  Hovhaness Alleluia and Fugue
44Celestial Fantasy strings1935 / 447Rongwen (Broude Bros.)1935, orchestrated 1944. Originally titled Nerses Shnorhali Hovhaness Celestial Fantasy
45Armenian Rhapsody No.1 percussion & strings19445Peer  Hovhaness Armenian Rhapsody No.1
48LousadzakComing of Light / Dawn of Lightpiano and strings194418Peer  Hovhaness Lousadzak
49Khrimian Hairig trumpet and strings19449CF Peters  Hovhaness Khrimian Hairig
50ElibrisGod of Dawn of Urardu / Concerto for flute & stringsflute and strings194410Peer  Hovhaness Elibris
51Armenian Rhapsody No.2 strings19445Rongwen (Broude Bros.)  Hovhaness Armenian Rhapsody 2
53 #2TzaikerkEvening Songflute, violin, drums & strings194510Peer  Hovhaness Tzaikerk
57 #1AnahidAnahid (Fantasy)flute, English horn, trumpet, timpani, percussion & strings1944-4514CF Peters  Hovhaness Anahid
57 #2Vosdan flute, trumpet, timpani & strings1945 rev.487Manuscript  
62bPrayer of Saint Gregory  trumpet and strings19464PeerInterlude from the opera Etchmiadzin. Also versions for trumpet with band, piano, or organ Hovhaness Prayer of Saint Gregory
66 #1Kohar flute, English horn, timpani & strings19465CF Peters  Hovhaness Kohar
66 #2Agori flute, English horn, bassoon, trumpet, timpani & strings194610FujiharaConcerto based on material from Op.62 
71HaroutiunResurrectiontrumpet & strings194810CF Peters  Hovhaness Five Fantasies
75Sosi - Forest of Prophetic Sounds violin, piano, horn, timpani, giant tam-tam & strings194810Peer  Hovhaness Sosi Forest of Prophetic Sounds
77Zartik ParkimConcerto for piano and chamber orchestrapiano, 1010 2100 timp perc strings194815Peer  Hovhaness Zartik Parkim
78ArtikConcerto for horn & stringshorn & strings194815CF Peters  Hovhaness Artik
81JanabarJourney; 5 hymns of serenity for trumpet, piano, violin solo & stringsviolin, trumpet, piano & strings194935PeerIn memory of Mr & Mrs Ajemian Hovhaness Janabar
88Concerto No. 1Arevakalorchestra: 2222 2200 timp perc hp strings195125AMP  Hovhaness Concerto No.1 Arevakal
88Arevakal     see Concerto No.1 Op.88 
89aConcerto No. 2 violin & strings1951-5720CF Peters  Hovhaness Concerto No. 2 violin strings
93 #1TalinConcerto for Viola and Stringsviola & strings1951-5216AMP  Hovhaness Talin
94Concerto No. 3Diran (the Religious Singer)baritone horn (or trombone) & strings194810Robert King  Hovhaness Concerto No. 3 Diran
98 #1Partita piano and strings 12ManuscriptunpublishedHovhaness score inquiry
98 #2Concerto No. 4Tel El Armarna322(eh)2 4231 timp hp strings195212CF Peters  Hovhaness Concerto No. 4
98 #3Concerto No. 5 piano and strings 13Manuscript3-movement versionHovhaness score inquiry
98 #3Concerto No. 5 piano and strings c.15Manuscriptoriginal 5-movement version 
107Island SunriseSunrise33(eh)3(b cl)3(c bsn) 4331 timp perc(6) p(2) celesta strings19645CF Peters  Hovhaness Island Sunrise
114Concerto No. 6Harmonica Concertoharmonica (or flute or oboe) & strings195310CF Peters  Hovhaness Concerto No.6 Harmonica
114Harmonica Concerto     see Concerto No.6 
116Concerto No. 7Concerto No.7 for orchestra2222 4231 timp, perc, hp, celesta, strings195325AMP1. Allegretto; 2. Allegro (Jhala-Scherzo); 3. Double Fugue - 'Hymn to Louisville' Hovhaness Concerto No. 7
117Concerto No. 8Concerto No.8 for orchestra2222 2210 timp perc hp strings195720CF PetersIncludes material from discarded "Symphony No.2, Op.62" Hovhaness Concerto No.8
123Vision from High Rock orchestra [2222 2200 timp perc hp celesta strings]195410CF Peters  Hovhaness Vision from High Rock
123 #3Concerto No.10(different work to Op.413)orchestra [2222 4230 timp perc piano(2) strings]195420FujiharaReclassified as Symphony No.45Hovhaness score inquiry
128Prelude and Quadruple Fugue 2222 4230 timp str1936 rev 19547CF Peters  Hovhaness Prelude and Quadruple Fugue
132Symphony No. 2Mysterious Mountainorchestra [3333 5331 timp hp celesta strings]195517AMP  Hovhaness Mysterious Mountain
132Mysterious Mountain     see Symphony No.2 
144bMacedonian Mountain Dance orchestra [2222 4331 timp perc strings]1964?5CF Peters  Hovhaness Macedonian Mountain Dance
148Symphony No. 3 orchestra [3333 5331 timp perc hp strings]195625CF Peters  Hovhaness Symphony No.3
1507 Greek Folk Dances harmonica & strings19567CF Peters1. The Selybrian Syrtos; 2. Sweet-Basil Green; 3. Karagouna; 4. Tsaconian Dance; 5. Pastoral; 6. Sousta; 7. Hassapiko Hovhaness 7 Greek Folk Dances
150 #2Three Greek Folk Dances [3222 4331 timp 3 perc hp strings]19564CF PetersArrangements of three movements from Op.150 Hovhaness Three Greek Folk Dances
163In Memory of an Artist strings1958 rev 687CF PetersSuite: 1. Fantasy on a Fourth; 2. Allegro vivo; 3. Adagio espressivo Hovhaness In Memory of an Artist
170Symphony No. 5Short Symphonyorchestra [2222 4331 Timp Perc Cel Hp Strings1953 rev 6311CF Peters  Hovhaness Symphony No.5
173Symphony No. 6Celestial Gatesmall orchestra [1111 1100 timp chime hp strings]195920CF Peters  Hovhaness Symphony No. 6 Celestial Gate
174Concerto for Accordion & OrchestraAccordion concertoAccordian and orchestra [2222 2000 timp hp strings] 195911CF Peters  Hovhaness Accoridon Concerto
179Symphony No. 8Arjunaorchestra [11(eh)11 1000 timp piano strings]194725CF PetersOriginally titled 'Ardos' Hovhaness Symphony No.8 Arjuna
179Ardos          see Symphony No.8 Hovhaness Symphony No.8 Arjuna
180Symphony No. 9Saint Vartanorchestra [0000, a sax 1410 timp perc piano strings]1949-5044Peer  Hovhaness St Vartan Symphony
180Saint Vartan Symphony    see Symphony No.9 
184Symphony No.10Vahakenorchestra [11(eh),11 1110 timp perc hp strings]195918CF Peters  Hovhaness Symphony No.10 Vahaken
186Symphony No.11All Men Are Brothersorchestra1960 rev 6932CF Peters1. Andante appassionato (uses c.1933 material); 2. Allegro maestoso (1940s material?); 3. Andante con nobilita Hovhaness Symphony No.11 All Men Are Brothers
189Armenian Rhapsody No.3 strings19446CF PetersBased on Good Friday melody Sird Im Sasani (My Heart is Shattered) and folksong Bagh Aghpiuri Mod (By the Cold Fountain) Hovhaness Armenian Rhapsody No.3
190Symphony No.13 orchestra [11(eh)11 1000 timp perc hp strings]195322CF PetersRevision of 1945 Martha Graham ballet Ardent Song Hovhaness Symphony No.13
195Mountain of Prophecy 3322 4331 timp perc hp(2) strings19609CF Peters  Hovhaness Mountain of Prophecy
199Symphony No.15Silver Pilgrimageorchestra [2222 4331 perc(3) hp strings]196220CF Peters4th movt: Heroic Gates of Peace is a reworking of Tapor Op.14 (1948) Hovhaness Symphony No.15 Silver Pilgrimage
202Symphony No.16Kayakeumorchestra (harp, timpani, 2 percussion, strings & 6 Korean instruments: kayakeum (12 strings, similar to koto), janggo (rod drum with 2 sticks), zwago (hanging drum), 3 pyunjong (bronze bells)). 196216CF Peters  Hovhaness Symphony No.16
204Circe 1111 1111 timp perc hp strings196318CF PetersBallet for Martha Graham Dance Company Hovhaness Circe
204aSymphony No.18Circeorchestra [2222 2231 Timp 2perc Hp Cel Strings]196318CF PetersSlight reworking of Op.204 Hovhaness Symphony No.18 Circe
207Meditation on Zeami orchestra [3333 4331 timp perc(3) hp strings]196314CF Peters  Hovhaness Meditation on Zeami
209Floating World(Ukiyo) - Ballade for Orchestraorchestra [3322 4331 timp perc(3) hp celesta strings (ad lib. 4-7 perc, 2 hp)]196412CF Peters  Hovhaness Floating World
211Fantasy on Japanese Wood PrintsHan-ga Gensoxylophone & orchestra [3222 4331 timp perc(3) hp strings] 196415CF Peters  Hovhaness Fantasy on Japanese Wood Prints
216Ode to the Temple of Sound Orchestra [3322 4331 timp perc hp (hp II ad lib.) celesta strings]196511CF Peters  Hovhaness Ode to the Temple of Sound
217Symphony No.19Vishnuorchestra [3333 4331 timp perc(6-4) hp(2) celesta strings]196630CF Peters1st performance as "To Vishnu" (NY Philharmonic) Hovhaness Vishnu Symphony
217Vishnu Symphony     see Symphony No.19 
218The Holy City trumpet, chimes (or bell in A), harp & strings 10CF Peters  Hovhaness The Holy City
220Fra AngelicoFantasy for orchestraorchestra [3333 4321 timp perc(4) hp(2) celesta strings] 196717CF Peters  Hovhaness Fra Angelico
226Vibration Painting 13 strings (7 violins, 3 violas, 2 cellos & double bass) 12CF Peterscantata (t. composer) Hovhaness Vibration Painting
228ShambalaConcerto for violin, sitar & orchestraviolin, sitar & orchestra [3222 4331 timp perc(4) hp strings] 44CF Peters  Hovhaness Shambala
229 #1And God Created Great Whales taped whale sounds, orchestra [3(pic)222 4331 timp perc(4) hp strings]197012CF Peters  Hovhaness And God Created Great Whales
229 #2A Rose for Miss Emily1970orchestra [l(pic)111 1111 timp perc piano strings] 30CF Petersballet (scen. after William Faulkner story) incorporates music from 1936-40 Hovhaness A Rose for Miss Emily
234Symphony No.21Symphony Etchmiadzin2 trumpets, timpani, 2 percussion & strings196817CF PetersUses material from 1946 opera Etchmiadzin Hovhaness Symphony Etchmiadzin
236Symphony No.22City of Lightorchestra [3(pic)23(b c1)3(c bsn) 4331 timp perc(3) hp strings]197028CF Peters  Hovhaness City of Light Symphony
250 #2Ruins of Ani strings19725Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
251Khorhoort NahadagatsHoly Mystery of the Martyrsoud (or lute or guitar) & string orchestra (or quartet)197245Peer  Hovhaness Holy Mystery of the Martyrs
260Dream of a Myth orchestra [1111 1111 timp perc strings]197325Manuscriptballet for Martha Graham* N/A *
267Concerto for Harp & Strings harp & strings197312CFE Hovhaness score inquiry
272Dawn on Mt. Tahoma string orchestra19735Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
273Symphony No.24Majnun Symphonytenor, SATB choir, trumpet, violin & strings197348AMPt. Persian poet Jami, from 1400 epic poem Salaman and Absal; Engl. transl. Edward Fitzgerald;
1. Majnun; 2. Letters in the Sand; 3. The Distracted Lover; 4. The Sword Wind
Hovhaness Symphony No.24 Majnun
275Symphony No.25Odysseus Symphonyorchestra [1(pic)110 1111 timp perc strings]197335Peer  Hovhaness Odysseus Symphony
275Odysseus Symphony     see Symphony No.25 
278 #1To the Cascade Mountains orchestra [3222 4331 timp perc(4) hp strings] 17Manuscriptfilm score suiteHovhaness score inquiry
278 #2Ode to the Cascade Mountains orchestra [3222 4331 timp perc(4) hp strings] 6Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
280Symphony No.26 orchestra [3222 4331 timp perc(4) hp strings]197538Peer  Hovhaness Symphony No.26
281 #1Fanfare to the New Atlantis orchestra [0000 4331 timp chimes tam-tam strings]19757Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
284Ode to Freedom violin & orchestra [3222 4331 timp perc(4) hp strings]197612Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
285Symphony No.27 orchestra [1100 1100 timp perc strings]197635Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
286Symphony No.28 orchestra [10(eh)00 0100 timp strings]197623Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
289Symphony No.29 baritone horn & orchestra [3222 4331 timp perc(4) hp strings]197625Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
293Symphony No.30 orchestra [1100 0100 strings]1952-7620Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
294Symphony No.31 strings1976-7730Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
296Symphony No.32The Broken Wingsorchestra [1110 1100 perc strings]197733Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
307Symphony No.33 orchestra [101( 0110 perc strings]197735Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
308Rubaiyat speaker, accordion & orchestra [3222 4331 timp perc(4) strings]197513Fujihara  Hovhaness score inquiry
310Symphony No.34 bass trombone & strings197724Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
311Symphony No.35 2 orchestras: Orch 1 [Korean Ah-ahk instruments: sogeum, daegeum, piri, haegeum, kayageum ad lib., keomongo ad lib., ahjaeng, janggu, jwago, pyeon kyeong, pyeon jong]. Orch 2 [33(eh)3(bcl)3(c bsn) 4332 timp perc(4) hp strings]197840Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
312Symphony No.36 flute and orchestra [33(eh)3(b c1)3(c bsn) 4331 timp perc(3) hp strings]197837Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
313Symphony No.37 orchestra [2222 4331 timp b-drum hp strings]197830Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
321Symphony No.39 guitar and orchestra [3322 4331 timp perc (2) hp strings]197825Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
324Symphony No.40 orchestra [0000 1211 timp strings] 197918Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
325Guitar Concerto No.1 guitar & orchestra. [3322 4331 timp perc(3) strings] 197930Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
330Symphony No.41 orchestra [0000 1210 strings]197915Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
332Symphony No.42 orchestra [1000 0110 strings]197920Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
334Symphony No.43 oboe, trumpet, timpani & strings197918Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
338CopernicusTone poem for orchestraorchestra [2222 4330 timp perc(3) hp strings]19607Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
339Symphony No.44 orchestra [1100 0100 timp perc strings]198018Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
341Greek Rhapsody No.2 orchestra [3(pic)222 4331 timp strings]1972   Hovhaness score inquiry
342Symphony No.45 orchestra [2222 4230 timp perc p(2) strings]195424FujiharaOriginally titled Concerto No.10 Op.123 No.3Hovhaness score inquiry
344Concerto for Soprano Saxophone soprano saxophone & strings198015Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
347Symphony No.46To the Green Mountainsorchestra [3222 4331 timp perc(3) hp strings]198035Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
355Symphony No.48Vision of Andromedaorchestra [3222 4331 timp perc(4) hp strings]198130Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
356Symphony No.49Christmas Symphonystrings198122Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
360Symphony No.50Mount St. Helensorchestra [33(eh)22 4331 timp perc(4) hp strings]198225CF Peters  Hovhaness Symphony No.50 Mount Saint Helens
360Mount St. Helens Symphony     see Symphony No.50 
364Symphony No.51 trumpet and strings198217Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
372Symphony No.52Journey to Vegaorchestra [1111 2211 timp strings (or string quintet)]198330Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
378Symphony No.54 orchestra [2222 4331 timp strings]198317Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
379Symphony No.55 orchestra [3222 4331 timp perc hp piano strings]198320Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
380Symphony No.56 orchestra [3222 4331 timp piano strings]198317Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
394Guitar Concerto No.2 guitar and strings198526Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
395Symphony No.59 orchestra [3322 4331 timp perc(4) hp strings]198540Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
396Symphony No.60To the Appalachian Mountainsorchestra [3322 4331 timp perc(4) hp strings]198530Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
397Symphony No.61 orchestra [13222 4331 timp perc(4) hp strings]198615Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
411Symphony No.63Loon Lake1(pic) 1 (cor ang.) 22, 2210, timp, 1 perc (large chimes, glock), harp, strings198826Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
412Concerto No. 9 piano and strings195411Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
413Concerto No.10(different work to Op.123 #3)piano, trumpet, strings198822Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
427Symphony No.65Artsakh3222 4331 timp, 4 perc, harp, strings1991 Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
428Symphony No.66Hymn to Glacier Peak3222 4331 timp, 3 perc, harp, strings199219Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
429Symphony No.67Hymn to the Mountains3222 4331 timp, 3 perc, harp, strings1992 Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
430Concerto for Oboe and Orchestra 3222 4331, timp, bell, harp, strings1992 Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
431Violin Concerto No.2 3222 4331 timp, 3 perc, harp, strings1993 Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry

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