Alan Hovhaness List of Chamber Works

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   Opus Title Subtitle Instrumentation    Year Timing     Publisher Comments Buy/ Rent
1Oror(Lullaby)violin & piano1922? rev 19263CF Peters Hovhaness Oror
1 #2Suite for violin & piano  1927 unpublished  
3Trio ITrio in e minorviolin, cello & piano1935?9CF Peters  Hovhaness Trio I
8String Quartet No.1 2 violins, viola & cello193613Fujihara  
9Piano Quintet No.1 2 violins, viola, cello & piano1926 rev 196210CF Peters  Hovhaness Quintet No.1
11Sonata for violin & piano violin & piano193710Manuscript  
13Prelude and Fugue in A minor oboe (or flute) & bassoon1935 rev 19593CF Peters  Hovhaness Prelude and Fugue
20 #1Nocturne harp1937 rev 19615CF Peters  Hovhaness Nocturne
20 #2Nocturne flute & harp1956 Manuscript  
21Suite in d minor English horn & bassoon19338CF Peters  Hovhaness Suite for English horn and bassoon
23Suite oboe & bassoon194915CF Peters  Hovhaness Suite for oboe and bassoon
25Lament clarinet19353CF Peters  Hovhaness Lament
30Bagatelles4 Bagatelles for string quartetstring quartet19669CF Peters  Hovhaness Bagatelles for string quartet
47aVarak violin & piano19445CF Peters  Hovhaness Varak
47bArshalouisArshalouis (Dawn)violin & piano1939-43 CFE Hovhaness score inquiry
54 #1Invocations to Vahakn piano & percussion194512Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
54 #2HakhpatHakhpat (sonata)piano & percussion1946-5120Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
56 #1Chahagir viola19442Rongwen (Broude Bros.)  Hovhaness Chahagir
56 #2YerazYeraz (The Dream)violin 4Mills  
59Is there Survival?King Vahaken (ballet suite)0040,a sax 0400 timp percuss(3)194915CF Peters  Hovhaness Is there Survival?
61Divertimento oboe, clarinet, bassoon & horn (or 4 clarinets)194712CF Peters1. Prelude / 2. Fantasy / 3. Canzona / 4. Canzona / 5. Canon (in 4 keys) / 6. Aria / 7. Finale (Fugue) Hovhaness Divertimento
67Saris violin & piano19468CF Peters  Hovhaness Saris
71aHaroutiunResurrectiontrumpet & piano194810CF Peters  Hovhaness Five Fantasies
73 #1Khirgiz Suite violin & piano19516CF Peters  Hovhaness Khirgiz Suite
73 #2Shatakh violin & piano19476Peer  Hovhaness Shatakh
78aArtik horn & piano194815CF Peters  Hovhaness Artik
90 #1Upon Enchanted Ground flute, cello, harp & tamtam19514CF Peters  Hovhaness Upon Enchanted Ground
91KhaldisConcerto for 4 trumpets, piano & percussion4 trumpets (or any multiple thereof), piano & percussion195118Robert King  Hovhaness Khaldis
92Orbit No.1 flute, harp, celesta & tamtam19524ManuscriptUnpublished
97Quartet No.1 flute, oboe, cello & harpsichord (or piano)1936/19528Mount Tahoma Hovhaness score inquiry
98 #1Partita piano and strings 12ManuscriptunpublishedHovhaness score inquiry
98 #3Concerto No. 5 piano and strings 13Manuscript3-movement versionHovhaness score inquiry
98 #3Concerto No. 5 piano and strings c.15Manuscriptoriginal 5-movement version 
99Suite for violin, piano and percussion violin, piano, percussion 195015CF Peters1 player: celesta, tam-tam, xylophone Hovhaness I will lift up mine eyes
101Hanna 2 clarinets & 2 pianos195110CFEUnpublished 
102Orbit No.2 piano (or alto recorder & piano)19525Peer  Hovhaness Orbit No. 2
106Gamelan and Jhala carillon19512CF Peters  Hovhaness Gamelan and Jhala
108SextetSextet for violin & 5 percussionviolin & 5 percussion196615CF Peters  Hovhaness Sextet violin & percussion
109Piano Quintet No.2Quintet 2 for 2 violins, viola, cello & piano2 violins, viola, cello & piano196415ManuscriptUnpublished 
110Two Sonatas2 Sonatas for Kotokoto (or harp) 19625Manuscript  Hovhaness Koto Sonatas
112Quartet No.2 flute, oboe, cello & piano195014Mount Tahoma  
114Concerto No. 6Harmonica Concertoharmonica (or flute or oboe) & strings195310CF Peters  Hovhaness Concerto No.6 Harmonica
114aConcerto No. 6Harmonica Concertoharmonica & piano195310CF Peters  Hovhaness Harmonica Concerto
118Sonata No.1 for flute flute19649CF Peters  Hovhaness Concerto No. 8
121Sonata for Ryuteki & Sho ryuteki (or flute) and sho (or organ) 8CF Peters  Hovhaness Sonata for Ryuteki & Sho
122DuetDuet for violin & harpsichordviolin & harpsichord19573CF Peters1. Prelude; 2. Haiku; 3. Aria Hovhaness Duet violin & harpsichord
125The Flowering Peach clarinet, saxophone, timpani, tamtam, vibraphone, glockenspiel, harp & celesta195419AMPIncidental music to Clifford Odets play Hovhaness The Flowering Peach
127Sonata for HarpHarp Sonataharp195410CF Peters  Hovhaness Harp Sonata
129Tower MusicTower Music (suite)9 winds [1111 2111]195510Rongwen (Broude Bros.)  Hovhaness Tower Music
130Sonata for 2 oboes & organ 2 oboes & organ1963-6410CF Peters  Hovhaness Sonata for 2 oboes & organ
133 #1The World Beneath the Sea No.1 alto saxophone, harp, vibraphone, timpani, gong195410CF Peters  Hovhaness The World Beneath the Sea No.1
133 #2The World Beneath the Sea No.2 clarinet, timpani, bells (chimes or glockenspiel), harp, double bass196315CF Peters  Hovhaness The World Beneath the Sea No.2
135October Mountain percussion sextet (timpani, 2 drums, tamtam, marimba I & glockenspiel (or marimba II))1942 rev 5311CF Peterssuite Hovhaness October Mountain
139 #1O Lady Moon soprano, clarinet & piano19533Edward B. Markst. by Lafcadio HearnHovhaness Dawn Hymn
147String Quartet No.2 2 violins, viola & cello195012Fujihara  Hovhaness score inquiry
1507 Greek Folk Dances harmonica & strings (or piano)19567CF Peters1. The Selybrian Syrtos; 2. Sweet-Basil Green; 3. Karagouna; 4. Tsaconian Dance; 5. Pastoral; 6. Sousta; 7. Hassapiko Hovhaness 7 Greek Folk Dances
159QuintetQuintet for flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon & hornflute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon & horn1960 rev 6517CF Peters  Hovhaness Quintet
164 #1Sextet alto recorder, 2 violins, viola, cello & harpsichord195810ManuscriptUnpublished 
166Suite for Accordion accordion19584CF Peters  Hovhaness Suite for Accordion
171Sonata for Hichiriki & Sho (or Oboe and Organ) hichiriki (or oboe) & sho (or organ)19626CF Peters  Hovhaness Sonata for hichiriki & sho
181Koke No NiwaMoss GardenEnglish horn (or B flat clarinet), 2 percussion & harp1954 rev 607CF Peters  Hovhaness Koke no niwa
183aDance of Black-Haired Mountain Storm flute & 3 percussion (timpani, xylophone, bass drum) 5CF PetersOp.183 No.11 arrangement Hovhaness Dance of Black-Haired Mountain Storm
185aOverture to The Burning House flute & 4 percussion19595CF Peters  Hovhaness The Burning House Overture
193 #1Suite for cello & piano cello and piano 5CF Peters  Hovhaness Suite for cello & piano
193 #2Yakamochi cello196515CF Peters  Hovhaness Yakamochi
198Three Visions of Saint Mesrob violin & piano19626CF Peters1. Celestial Mountain; 2. Celestial Bird; 3. Celestial Alphabet Hovhaness Three Visions of Saint Mesrob
200Sonata No.1 for trumpet & organ trumpet and organ196214CF Peters  Hovhaness Sonata for trumpet & organ
201Trio for violin, viola & cello violin, viola & celloc.19626CF Peters  Hovhaness Trio for violin, viola & cello
203aBacchanale (from Symphony No.17)Symphony for Metal Orchestra5 percussion: glockenspiel, 2 vibraphones, chimes and giant tamtam196323CF Peters  Hovhaness Symphony for Metal Orchestra
205Mysterious Horse Before the Gate trombone & 5 perc (glock, 2 vibr, chimes, giant tamtam)19633CF Peters  Hovhaness Mysterious Horse Before the Gate
208 #1String Quartet No.3 2 violins, viola & cello196810Fujihara  Hovhaness score inquiry
208 #2String Quartet No.4 2 violins, viola & cello197018Fujihara  Hovhaness score inquiry
225Mountains and Rivers Without EndChamber symphony for 10 playersensemble [1110 0110 timp perc(3) hp]196825CF Peters  Hovhaness Mountains and Rivers Without End
226Vibration Painting 13 strings (7 violins, 3 violas, 2 cellos & double bass) 12CF Peterscantata (t. composer) Hovhaness Vibration Painting
230Spirit of Ink 3 flutes196819CF Peters9 pieces Hovhaness Spirit of Ink
232Two Consolations 2 violins, viola & cello  Manuscript * N/A *
235Saint Nerses the Graceful 3 clarinets19686Manuscript * N/A *
237 #1Nagooran South Indian orchestra1960 Manuscript * N/A *
237 #2Nagooran cello, timpani, glock, vibes, large chimes, giant tam-tam196410Manuscript Hovhaness Nagooran
243Saturn soprano, clarinet & piano197125CF Peterscantata (t. composer) Hovhaness Saturn
244Island of the Mysterious Bells 4 harps197112CFEsuiteHovhaness score inquiry
245The Garden of Adonis flute & harp (or piano)197112CF Peterssuite Hovhaness The Garden of Adonis
248 #3The Pitchman 2 alto recorders, piano & celesta (or 2 flutes & 2 pianos)195315Manuscriptballet suite (scen. William Saroyan)* N/A *
248 #4The Spook Sonata alto saxophone & 3 pianos195412Manuscriptincidental music for Strindberg play* N/A *
250 #1Ruins of Ani 4 B flat clarinets (or any multiple thereof)19725Manuscript * N/A *
252 #1Firdausi clarinet, harp & percussion197220Alexander Broude  Hovhaness score inquiry
252 #2Shah-NamehKings Book of Kings 197220Manuscriptfilm score 
252 #37 Love Songs of Saris violin & piano 11Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
255Sonata for cello & piano cello & piano1932-7214Peer  Hovhaness Cello Sonata
261Les Baux violin & piano19734CFE  Hovhaness score inquiry
262Quartet for clarinet, violin, viola & cello clarinet, violin, viola & cello197310Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
263Night of a White Cat clarinet & piano19733Manuscript  Hovhaness Night of a White Cat
264 #1Tumburu violin, cello & piano197319Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
264 #2Varuna violin, cello & piano197313Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
266Sonata for 2 bassoons 2 bassoons (or bassoon & cello)19736Peer  Hovhaness Sonata for 2 bassoons
270Suite for Harp harp197310AMP7 movements Hovhaness Suite for Harp
271Pastorale and Fugue 2 flutes19735AMP  Hovhaness Pastorale and Fugue
277Fantasy double bass (or cello) & piano1974 Alexander BroudeOut of printHovhaness score inquiry
281 #2Psalm to St. Alban horn, 2 trumpets & trombone19744Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
287String Quartet No.5 2 violins, viola & cello1976 Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
290Suite for 4 trumpets & trombone 4 trumpets & trombone19768Robert King  Hovhaness Suite for 4 trumpets & trombone
291Suite for alto saxophone & guitar alto saxophone (E flat), guitar19768Peer  Hovhaness Suite for alto saxophone & guitar
295Septet flute, clarinet, bass clarinet, trumpet, trombone, percussion & double bass197630ManuscriptMusic for ballet 'Plains Daybreak' by Erich Hawkins.Hovhaness score inquiry
297Sonata for 2 clarinets 2 clarinets19775Peer  Hovhaness Sonata for 2 clarinets
300Suite for flute and guitar flute and guitar197715Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
302Sonata for oboe and bassoon oboe and bassoon197710Peer  Hovhaness Sonata for oboe and bassoon
316Guitar Sonata No.1 guitar197811Alexander Broude Hovhaness score inquiry
317Sonata for flute flute (bass or alto)19784Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
319Sunset on Mt. Tahoma(sonata for 2 trumpets, horn, trombone & organ)2 trumpets, horn, trombone & organ197811Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
322Sonata for clarinet & harpsichord clarinet and harpsichord197810Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
326Sonata No.1 for 3 trumpets & 2 trombones 3 trumpets and 2 trombones 197912Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
328Sonata No.2 for 3 trumpets & 2 trombones 3 trumpets and 2 trombones 197910Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
329Guitar Sonata No.2 guitar19798Alexander Broude Hovhaness score inquiry
331Trio for 3 saxophones 3 saxophones (E flat alto, B flat tenor, E flat baritone)19795Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
3334 Nocturnes 2 saxophones & piano19794Fujihara1-3. Soprano saxophone & piano; 4. 2 soprano (or alto) saxophones & pianoHovhaness score inquiry
349Sonata No.2 for trumpet and organThe Divine Fountaintrumpet and organ198112Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
350 #2Pleiades Javanese gamelan1981 Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
358Psalm brass quartet19815Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
363Lake Winnipesaukee(sextet) flute, oboe, cello, 2 percussion & piano198213Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
371Campuan Sonata viola and piano198220 publ. Lim Chong Keat ?Hovhaness score inquiry
373Prelude and Fugue brass quartet19835Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
374Spirit of Trees(sonata for harp & guitar)harp & guitar198324Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
375Sonata for clarinet & piano clarinet and piano198312Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
383Killer of Enemies flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, percussion, violin & double bass198317ManuscriptPossibly same work as Septet Op.295Hovhaness score inquiry
384Starry Night flute, xylophone & harp19856Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
387Sonata for alto recorder & harpsichord alto recorder & harpsichord19846Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
392Mountain Under the Sea Eb alto saxophone, timpani, vibraphone, tam-tam & harp19844Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
393Dawn on a Mountain Lake double bass & piano19774Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
398Srpouhiduetviolin and piano19772Manuscript Hovhaness score inquiry
403Trio violin, viola, cello19866Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
404Sonata for Brass Quartet ‘Chomulungma’ (Mt. Everest) 2 trumpets, horn, trombone1986 Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
406Sonata for Flute and Harp flute, harp19874Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
408God the Reveller flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone, violin, double bass, 1 perc198720FujiharaMusic for Erick Hawkins ballet: Plains DaybreakHovhaness score inquiry
409Duet for Violin and Cello violin, cello19875Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
412Concerto No. 9 piano and strings195411Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
413Concerto No.10(different work to Op.123 #3)piano, trumpet, strings198822Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
415Lake Sammish violin, clarinet, piano198817Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
416Sno Qualmie clarinet, timpani, chimes, harp, double bass?12Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
421 #1Guitar Sonata No.3 guitar??Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
421 #2Guitar Sonata No.4 guitar??Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
421 #3Guitar Sonata No.5 guitar??Fujihara Hovhaness score inquiry
423Sonata for Solo Viola viola199215Fujihara  Hovhaness Sonata for Solo Viola

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